Sad Day

There are some days that you never forget and today is one of them.

Today, Borrow Tomorrow lost one of its loyal supporters and dearest friends.  Steve Finkel passed away early this morning after a three-year battle with cancer. 

For those that didn’t have the chance to know Steve, where to begin?  Professionally, he spent more than 30 years in the music industry working for companies like the Nederlanders, Disney, SFX, Clear Channel and Live Nation (among others).  He was in on the ground floor of construction on Riverport Amphitheatre (now called Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre).  Steve worked with the Rolling Stones, the Pope and on countless other major events.  He worked the last eight years of his career at Verizon Wireless Music Center – Noblesville and was well-respected by so many of the businesses’ heaviest hitters.

Personally, Steve was as good a man as you will ever find…in fact, better than most.  Husband, father, mentor, friend, confidant, rock, comic, fighter and the list goes on and on.  Steve was so many things to so many people.  It is incredibly hard to really and fully understand how many lives he has touched. 

Steve came into my life eight short years ago and taught me so many things about life as an adult. In health – he demonstrated all of the attributes that a good leader and more importantly a good man should.  He’d tell me when I was wrong and he’d tell me when I was right.  He could be stern, but a friend all at the same time.  Steve had a sense of humor that he wanted to be remembered for…the truth is that no one could forget it. 

In sickness – Steve taught us more than he’ll ever know.  We all knew that Steve was a strong man, but we never knew how strong until we watched him battle cancer.  From the day he found out that he was sick until the day that he passed – Steve fought.  Not only did he fight, but he fought with all of his heart and soul.  He continued to work throughout his battle.  He came to the office and worked nearly 100 shows after being diagnosed with cancer.  Steve never wavered in his fight, but instead grew stronger making his passion Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong Foundation.  Steve met and not surprisingly exceeded a number of the financial goals that he set for himself and met Lance Armstrong last October. 

To know Steve was to know courage, determination, honesty, care, fairness, understanding, humor, brilliance and love.  We are all better people after knowing Steve.   Although the world lost a great man today and suffered an enormous loss, we can make it a better place by remembering and practicing everything that he taught us. 

I know that there is music in heaven.  I just wonder what Steve convinced them to play? 



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