Chicago & Indy


Happy Wednesday – just a few minutes early. 

Chicago & Indy our home away from home and our home respectively.  We are coming off of a great show last Friday night at Goose Island in Wrigleyville.  We had a great time and as always, saw a number of familiar faces!  Many thanks to all that made it out…Chicago is good to us…for that we are grateful. 

This Friday, we’re looking forward to playing in our backyard.  The Vogue nightclub.  Anybody that is a fan of music in Indy is familiar with the Vogue.  We’re stoked to be jamming just over an hour set.  So many of you have really jumped on the promotion for this show…thank you all so very much.  We ran through the set yesterday and I feel pretty confident in saying that this is one of the most high-powered sets in BoTo history.  We’re trading in the keys for a few extra fast paced numbers.  Don’t let that discourage those of you that like crooner-Chris.  We will stray not from our BoTo roots – we’re just bringing the noise this weekend! 

We’d love to see you out there – thanks again to everyone that is out there pushing the show for us.  We’ll keep you posted as we lead up to the show and of course will have an update shortly afterwards.  We almost need to blog right after the show…it seems that the later the night gets, the less we remember.  BoTo + Booze = foggy haze. 

Have a great week – peace!



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