Goings On

Hey World – hope wherever you are, things are well.

We’ve been flying under the radar for a bit.  Working on a number of projects that will undoubtedly help us in our quest for world domination.  Here’s a quick synopsis:

The first ever BoTo Party Bus will depart from Indy this Saturday.  We’re very excited to be playing the Double Door in Chicago and hope you’ll be a part of it.  Hope on the bus – we’ll make it worth your while!

As if the party bus weren’t enough…There are a few new shows to be announced.  Stay tuned for a couple of those magical dates…we’ll be announcing them early next week. 

Our forthcoming EP entitled Retrospective is days away from being completed and shipped off for duplication.  We’re really excited about it and hope that you’ll be ape shit for it as well.  For those of you die hards – the new EP will contain the songs: “Shy Away,” “Looking for You,” “Wicker Park Suite,” and “Bridge.”  This project has been pretty special to us and we’re really stoked to get it in your hands.  After we get this one out, we’ll hopefully be focusing on our first full-length disc.  Look out world…you heard it right – a full length.

As always, we want to thank everyone for their continued support.  Look for more ramblings in our blogs and what have you.  We’ve always got something to say. 

Perhaps our next blog will be about the hairiness of Robert’s ass.  Any takers?

All the best,



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