The Long and Botarded Road

Vandura Sunset

When Borrow Tomorrow hit the road, some things are just a given. The admiral will be at the helm. A convenience store stop will include a combined $40 minimum spent on essentials like Pringles, Coca-cola, Snickers fit for a king, and Reese’s Cups. The lovely Nurse will pack a heartfelt note of well wishes alongside our pre-show gummy worm staple. We will laugh ourselves silly, and we will assuredly arrive to our destination late. But if we’ve learned anything from our logged mileage, it is that something ridiculous will always (read: beyond a shadow of a doubt) happen or go terribly wrong. A missing wallet and cell phone in Chicago. A drunken post-Beatle binge wrestling match in St. Louis. One word: Jasper. Perhaps this is due to the band’s collective IQ dropping hundreds of points when we find ourselves in a car together. Or maybe we’re cursed. Nonetheless, it never keeps us from hitting the road next time out and doing it all over again.

On that note, I’d like to take a moment to pay a little tribute to our beasts of the road, and introduce all of you to a little slice of Boto luxury.

1980 something – 2009

Vandura and All Her Glory

The original Boto mobile was one of a kind. Vandura’s best days were long gone when she joined our team circa 2008. Alas, she never complained, unless you count the squealing, wheezing, and refusal to accelerate beyond 40 mph that ultimately foreshadowed her demise on a notoriously awful evening/early morning that will live in Boto infamy. In the months prior, however, she fought with tremendous vigor to ensure our safe travel to gigs. A particular highlight was our trip to St. Louis for Rib America Fest in 2009 in which we pulled into our hotel the night before to stupefied looks of horror from the valet guys. Randall asked them to find a home for it for the night. Much to our surprise, they obliged, and left it parked right in front of the building on the street. Why they chose to leave such an eyesore on display for hotel guests for a few hours remains a mystery. I think they were hoping it would be stolen. Vandura–you will be missed.

Unhappy Vandura

2010 – n/a

Chris and the 'Burban

After a few months in transportation limbo, Borrow Tomorrow welcomed the Boturban to the family with open arms (that’s Boto combined with Suburban for you English majors), and it’s been a match made in heaven. Now we endure all the nonsense mentioned in the opening paragraph in sheer, soccer-mom bliss! The Boturban has risen to the challenge and passed with flying colors, proudly carrying the torch and a handful of fledgling rock ‘n’ rollers everywhere it goes.

Next stop: Indy Ribfest and Goose Island in Chicago on Saturday of Labor Day weekend. See you there!

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