Podcast with Indy In-Tune

Thumbs up.


A couple of weeks ago, you may have heard whispers of Boto participating in a podcast and thought to yourself, “Awesome–I love podcasts and Boto so this is a dream come true!” Or maybe you said, “What’s a podcast?” Or perhaps even, “What’s a Boto?”

Well anxious readers, the rumors are true, and we’re pleased to invite you all to check out the podcast we recorded with Darrin of Indy In-Tune. Indy In-Tune is an excellent source of news and info about Indiana-based artists and bands, and Borrow Tomorrow is the featured guest on this week’s show. Darrin was a very gracious host (and is an even nicer guy, as evidenced by his willingness to subject himself to our ramblings for well over an hour).

For those unfamiliar with the vernacular, a podcast is like a radio program in that it’s produced and released in episodes, though instead of broadcasting over the airwaves, it is available to listeners by way of downloading from the online source to an iPod (or similar audio player) or streaming right from the website and listening on your computer. However you choose to listen, we encourage you to do so! It features 4 Boto tunes, and a lot of talk about how the songs came together, as well as some general chatter about the band and our goings-on. Because we’re long-winded (i.e. love to hear ourselves talk), it runs about 60 minutes, so I recommend you listen on your work commute or while you sit in the office bored to tears.

Links below:

Link to the Podcast and Darrin’s Write-Up

Or you can right click here and ‘save link as’ to simply download an mp3 of the podcast in its entirety to put on a music player, burn to disc, or do with it whatever your heart desires (54.5 MB).

Also, be sure to visit the Indy In-Tune Home Page for all of Darrin’s podcasts, blog posts, and other awesome local music info. Help support Indiana music!

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