The Autumn Wind

Andrew and Robert backstage at Schubas. Chicago, IL. 7.8.2010.

After a big Labor Day weekend, and the stifling heat of summer gives way to deep blue skies, cool breezes, and a crunch beneath our feet, Borrow Tomorrow have been using these few weeks away from the stage to prepare for what we hope will be a very busy fall. That isn’t to say that we’ve been taking any time off–quite the opposite, in fact.

First, we spent a lovely day in the Windy City filming a video for our song “Shy Away” (from our Retrospective release, available for free download here) under the direction of the very talented Chris Baer. From what we’ve seen, the footage looks excellent, which is particularly impressive as it’s no small feat to make this band look like anything but complete douche canoes. We’re hoping to release the video in the next week or so.

Here are a few screen shots:

shyaway1 shyaway2shyaway3shyaway4

In other news, we’ve been giving a great deal of attention to new material–working on demos, trying to help nurture a few ideas in order to grow them into the songs that will make up our next recording and, naturally, those that will catapult Boto into the rarified rock ‘n’ roll air that includes the likes of The Stones, Beatles, and Michael Bolton. Er, well anyway, you get the idea. We’ve had a couple of really good sessions, and I’m awfully happy with the direction the new stuff is headed. Ideally, we’ll have some more demo recordings to share as we move forward, but rest assured, we’ll be sprinkling the new songs in future set lists.

Finally, after a trip up to the great state of Michigan to entertain for family and friends at Rando’s old stomping grounds, the next performance proper is slated for Saturday night, October 16 at Doc’s Music Hall in Muncie, IN. We’ll take the stage at 10pm. Muncie folk, we’re looking very forward to visiting some stomping grounds of our own in a couple of weeks, so we hope you’ll join us.

That’s all for now. Listen to the music, spread the word.

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