Official Video for ‘Shy Away’

Boto Video Shoot
Official Shy Away Video Shoot. Chicago, IL. 9.5.2010

Greetings everyone!

We in Borrow Tomorrow are proud to have finally done our part in the effort to kill the radio star with the release of the official ‘Shy Away’ music video. It was directed and produced by the very talented (and equally generous) Chris Baer in Chicago last month.

Check it out:

Some fun facts:

  • Robert begged and pleaded with not only the rest of the band, but the production crew as well to shoot a scene of him jumping into the lake fully-clothed. Despite his insistence (and my lord, did he insist), we ultimately refused to let him because we neither wanted to deal with a wet Robert for the rest of the day nor take the chance that he’d leave his cell phone in his pocket to be ruined.
  • The kite scenes were a surprise addition by our director, and while none of us had flown one for years, it was incredibly fun. We were told we “had enough footage” several times.
  • The lovely girl with the kite at the beach was chosen from a pool of over a million rabid Boto fans at an open casting call held the day before. Not really. Her identity remains a mystery, but that doesn’t mean she couldn’t also be a huge fan.
  • Chris has since broken the Hollywood shades he sports for much of the video. Turns out they weren’t made to withstand the force of a bouncing basketball.
  • The band played a show in Chicago the night before but was unable to procure a hotel room afterward, and therefore spent the night before this day-long video shoot in the truck. Luckily, we always look amazing.

You can download the studio version of this song, as well as the entire Retrospective album absolutely FREE at the band’s official website.

We would be nothing without our fans, so if you dig the video, please share it with a friend or 10. Tell them about how good Andrew looks in his “Use Jesus” shirt, or how much you love it when Rando color-coordinates his shades and his clothing.

See you at Doc’s this weekend!


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