Inevitable World Domination (i.e. new album and movie)

So, not everyone gets to get up everyday and do something that the love.  We’re pretty lucky to have that opportunity.  I don’t blog very often, mainly because I don’t know what to shut-up, but with a lot on the radar, I wanted to take a minute and talk about a few things that our modest band (me being the exception) would probably never talk about. 

The next few months are going to be exciting for us for a couple of reasons.  The road ahead is filled with the two things that make being in a band worthwhile.  1) Playing shows for our fans and 2) Recording our music.  In case you haven’t noticed – there is a theme.  That being sharing our music with people who enjoy it. 

I’ll give you either something to look forward to or dread depending on your thoughts of our band.  As we begin the process of writing and recording our first full-length and yet to be named album, we are videotaping damn near the entire process (see gas station stop en route to gig).  There will be interviews with each band member, shots of the writing process, video from the studio, video from the road and undoubtedly a ton of grown men giggling like children.  More or less, we’re creating a documentary of what it’s like to be this band.  We’re calling it Botography. We’ll share more as it progresses, but look for it to be Oscar-worthy.

Now to the meat and potatoes.  The next album.  It’ll be our first full-length effort.  Something that we’ve always wanted to do and whether it sells a 1/2 million copies or not, we’re putting gold copies on our walls.  The only thing mildly as fun as performing is recording.  Watching a song grow from a few chords and turning into the production that we manage to make them, really is something to see.   There are a few gems on the next album that I’ll boast on behalf of their creators:

“Born with a Broken Wing”

This is one that Chris has been working on for a while. It’s an acoustic number in the vein of “The Highway One Bridge Song.”  This one however boasts BoTo’s first recorded cuss word.  More importantly it tells the story of trying to love when always at a disadvantage.  The vocals and acoustic guitar work on this one will haunt you – in a good way.  “I’m sorry I’m the asshole for telling you the truth, if you never want to see me then I guess that’s what we’ll do.” If you’ve never been there in your life, stop reading right now and quit liking this band.  Really though, this is the song that really opens up Chris’s mind and heart.  We’ll post a demo soon and you’ll get it.

“Sometime Back in the ’70’s”

This is an up-tempo little number. We’re hoping to grow on some of the strong, vintage guitar sounds that we captured when working on Retrospective on this one.  This one is going to be a little bit happier though.  It’ll have a little bit of a different drum beat than what you’ve grown accustomed to from BoTo and as always – the lyrics will hopefully incite some of the same feelings that we felt the first time we heard it. 


This one is so new that we don’t even have a name for it yet.  I can’t speak for the band, but I will.  So far, this one is my favorite.  The hook lines are absolutely contagious and Chris really puts his vocal range to use on this one. 

“How can you let me down

When the glasses come crashing to the ground

How can you turn away as the lights go down?”

Wait until you hear it with the guitars blazing.  It’s going to have a big sound and the dynamics in the chorus are really what drew me in.  We’re pretty excited to bust this one out and see what you think at the next few shows.

I don’t think that as we gear up for this next record that we’ll be holding anything back. We’re really grateful for everyone’s support up to this point and want to be pretty clear in that this album is for those of you have helped keep gas in the truck, have come to the shows, have applauded us when we probably didn’t deserve it and for those of you that make this worthwhile for us.  This one is for you guys and we’re going to do our best to share every special moment that the four of us have together with you.  There will be laughter, there will be tears, there will be more laughter and then probably some screaming followed by hugs and man-love.  That’s just the way it goes.

Anyway, this is a small glimpse into our world. Hope you like it…there’s lots more to come.



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