A Boto Rehearsal, or A Bunch of Dorks Laugh at Themselves for a Few Hours


Hello, devoted fans!

In recent weeks, a shift in the overall agenda has begun to take place during band rehearsals. In my opinion, it’s been a welcome breath of fresh air. Most rehearsals (or ‘band practices’ to the unprofessional, and we’re obviously very professional) revolve around preparation for an upcoming gig, meaning the structure is a very regimented review of our catalog. Perhaps a new song or cover tune is sprinkled in, but often in the interest of time, or lack thereof, we take a fairly straightforward approach without a lot of wiggle room.

As we set our sights on another record release, this time our first full-length album, the focus has shifted to new music. Certainly, we always try to facilitate the creative process whenever we can, developing ideas into new songs as much as possible, but often, as described above, this can take a very unfortunate back seat. Lately, band rehearsals are as loose, productive, creative, and downright fun as they’ve ever been. It’s nice to again have that feeling that we’re in this band to make music together and enjoy ourselves. Ironic how often these very simple principles get lost along the way.

Coupled with this attention to new Boto originals is the documentation of our efforts via a brand-new Flip video camera. I should clarify that this is not our first attempt to catch on video the silly things we do. The back story is a rather gruesome one as this is not our second camera, nor even our third, but yes, our FOURTH go ’round. The first was left behind and likely stolen, though the jury is still out. The second required preparation beyond our mortal abilities, including charged (and back-up) batteries and blank (and extra blank) recordable discs. Those things are expensive, particularly when most of the nonsense we shoot isn’t worth ever watching again. Plus, there was always the fear that we’d record over Baby Will’s first steps or something. The third, you ask? It was perfect until it was run over by a truck. Don’t worry about it.

Needless to say, the life expectancy for a video camera when trusted to a member of this band isn’t long, but like the child who simply must touch to stove to prove it’s hot (4 times?), we’re giving it another go. Truth is, there’s just too much great stuff to share with our fans not to have one on hand.

Below, we’ve put together a little video of our first new camera experience, and it just so happens to feature us in our element at rehearsal this week. It’s either one of those rare occasions in which genius is captured on film, or just a bunch of dorks laughing at themselves for 4 minutes. I’m not sure. Then again, I’m one of the dorks, so you be the judge.

Here’s the direct link to YouTube to share with friends.

Thanks for checking in. Enjoy prolonging your youth by dressing up for Halloween and getting hammered this weekend, and keep rocking!


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