The Thunder Rolls…

Or something like that. We at the very least thought that with all of the recent summertime storms, that some kind of weather tie-in might be appropriate.

We’ve been a bit elusive. There is a lot going on “behind the scenes” right now and we wanted to loop the BoTo faithful in. What do you want to know? Here’s a start…

The first thing on our minds is the ongoing work for our upcoming release which will be entitled, “Too Far to Feel.” The line affectionately came from a line that will be found on one of the songs on the disc called, “Brand New Start.” We’ve been road testing it a little bit for a while now and are pretty excited to get it to you. Fret not Botons…we’ve been talking about this for quite some time. If you’ve been with us the whole time, you’re probably thinking something like, “It seems like you guys have been talking about this for about 10 months.” And if so, you’re right. We started really positioning ourselves in terms of songwriting, arranging, practicing and saving the massive amounts of money that it takes to make an almost a year ago. We started tracking songs right before Christmas and wrapped up right around March 15th. Since then, we’ve been working on the amazingly meticulous process of mixing. If you know anything about this band, you know two things. 1) We’re ridiculous and 2) Listening to the four of us sit around and ask for “more of the 138th guitar track that I laid at 3:54 in the morning on March 8th” is one of the most absolutely obnoxious displays of human life ever imagined.

As it sits today, we’re about 47% through the mixing process and are working hard at wrapping this up for you. We’re biased. We’ve put our blood sweat and tears into this thing and if it weren’t for those of you that come to the show, read the blogs, like us on facebook, etc…we would have given up long ago. The only thing more amazing that writing and playing music, is doing it for people that really know what we’re saying.

With that being said, we have a lot to say on this album.

We’re a long way from being finished. We want to thank everyone for their patience and we definitely hope that once you do get this “bad Larry” in your hands, that you’ll love it. We’re looking at having pressed copies late in the year. So…if you need to get your BoTo fix in between now and then, you’re in luck. We’re going to be playing a bit in the coming months…come out and see us. We’ll preview the album just a pinch.

7/1 – Rock & Roll Barbeque –

No effing around here…we’re kicking off the inaugural Rock & Roll BBQ at Victory Field on July 1st. Let’s do this right…put these things on your list of things to do on July 1st. 1) Come see BoTo. 2) Eat a lot of ribs. 3) Drink a lot of beer. 4) Get smashed with BoTo while we all enjoy the Kentucky Headhunters and the Charlie Daniels Band! We’ll be leading the charge. Get your ass down there. Word.

More to come…

Ok…that’s it for tonight. We’re working on a couple more exciting blogs. 1) Artists that we’re listening to right now. 2) The BoTo “roadcase.” We’ll do doing a feature on all of our gear. Not because we have endorsements, but because we’d like to. Just kidding. We just thought it would be a fun look inside of the BoTurban and the BoTo trailer.

All right…have a great week all. We’ll talk soon!


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