Only the Good…


There are many lessons in life. Some are harder to learn than others, but there is one in particular that, despite its relentless persistence and stunning pain, I never seem to grasp: life isn’t fair.

Our family, the tight-knit group of men and women whom have invested so much time, energy, and love into the hopes and dreams of our band, has lost a founding member. Randall has passed away. Whether you knew him as Randall, Randy, the Amazing Rando, or by countless other affectionate nicknames in whatever walk of life you happened to share with him, you were lucky. He was caring and compassionate, loving and warm, generous and thoughtful. He was, with uncompromising loyalty, a dedicated husband to his wife Amanda. In the nearly 5 years since he joined Andrew, Robert, and me to form Borrow Tomorrow, I have enough fond memories to last a lifetime, but that’s not to say I hadn’t room for many more. He was the glue, the sounding board, the handyman, the seasoned vet. He was a man you wanted on your team. For nearly 5 years, he was on ours, and call us selfish, it was far too brief.

Rando, you’ll forever grace the stage as a permanent fixture in our memories and in our hearts.

“We all shine on, like the moon, and the stars, and the sun…”



3 thoughts on “Only the Good…

  1. I just wanted to thank Randall for all of his love, friendship, memories, and music. He was like a brother to me and will be truly missed for as long as I live.

    I would also like to thank Borrow Tomorrow for posting their touching words about Randall.

    RIP my dear, dear friend.

    Scott Newman

    1. Thanks Fellas for the touching words and music at his celebration of life. You guys are a very classy and talented group. I wish you all the best in life. Music expresses that which can’t be put into words. Your music helped us all put that in perspective.
      Randy was one of my Cruz brothers and the world just seems a little bit empty without him.
      One comfort I have is that “The Amazing Rando” will be watching over us all. In life, he always did what was best for all of us. I am positive he will continue now. We are all blessed to have known him.

      Randall, keep watching out for us all.

      God Bless you all,
      Brett Eltzroth

  2. Borrow Tomorrow. I wish you all the best in the future.
    Thanks for your words and music to help ease the suffering of all of losing a friend. Music expresses that which cannot be said in words. I know Randall loved jamming with you all. We can all take solace by being around him. He made us all better. I have many fond memories of our time in Cruz Control. The music was secondary, but the brotherhood kept us together through thick and thin.
    The Amazing Rando will live on in all of us!
    We can all take comfort in the fact that he is and will always be with us, watching over us. RIP my Cruz Brother and keep letting the music do your talking.

    God Bless you all,
    Brett Eltzroth

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