Rock in the New Year

We know what you’re doing. If you haven’t had your New Year’s plans dialed in for a while now, we assume most of your conversations with friends go something like this:

You: What are we going to do for New Year’s Eve?
Friend: Well, I don’t know. I think there is a party going on downtown that so and so is going to, but it’s like a $100 cover to get in.
You: Ya, I don’t want to pay $100 just to get in, then drop another $100 on drinks. And that’s only if I don’t meet some smoking hot young philly that I think I might kiss at midnight, drop $100 on her dirty martinis (that she orders to eat the olives and then drops the rest of the drink on the floor) that turns out has some cheap-ass Jersey Shore boyfriend that is too cheap to buy her drinks.
Friend: Hmm…seems as if you’ve put some thought into this. Ok, what else is on the table?
You: Well, I’m sure someone will have some friends over to their house, we’ll play board games until 11:45, watch the ball drop, kiss someone (maybe their dog) depending on how the night goes and call it a night by 12:30.
Friend: Ok, so what’s the alternative? What makes this NYE different?

You: Well I’m glad you asked.

There is going to be one swinging NYE party at the Kessler Mansion this year. Have you seen this place? It’s Ri-Donk. $75.00 gets you a full open bar, access to one bad-mutha style buffet, a champagne toast at midnight, entertainment by your favorites BoTo, Mardelay and DJ OhBeOne. Don’t forget, the theme is Hollywood style so dress as your favorite movie star, Hollywood hooker or Borrow Tomorrow member and be eligible to win prizes (we’re kidding about the hooker and BoTo parts). Also – there are deals available for designated drivers, so we’ll be sure that everyone shows up, eats plenty, has plenty of spirits and a safe ride home.

Check out for more details, to buy tickets, to arrange your DD and to get ready to rock!

We’ll see you there!

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