New Record Release: “Ends of the Earth”

BoTo_EndsOfTheEarth_Artwork1000x1000We’re extremely excited to announce the release of our newest record. We call it Ends of the Earth, and it’s available right now from the digital music marketplace of your choice (iTunes, Spotify,

These 7 songs date back to mid-2014, and again the band teamed up with Producer/Genius/Male Model Kyle Ferguson. This marks the third recording project in which we’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Kyle, starting with the 2010’s Retrospective. He and the gang hunkered down in the winter of 2014 into the early months of 2015 shaping these tunes and bringing them to life.

The decision as to what to do with them is largely to blame for the delay. Do we release individually as a series of singles? Do we shoot for another full-length and keep working until we’ve got a cohesive set? In the end, what matters most is sharing them with our friends, fans, and supporters regardless of the packaging, and the EP was born.

The awesome cover artwork is courtesy of my good friend and Chicago-based illustrator Adam Richardson.

Please enjoy, and tell us what you think on Facebook and Twitter.



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