About the Band

Borrow Tomorrow - Indianapolis, IN
Robert Newport, Chris Jerles, Andrew Newport, Shawn Canary.

Borrow Tomorrow is a rock and roll band from Indianapolis. For the better part of a decade, we’ve been enjoying the ups and battling the downs that accompany chasing one’s dream. We’ve got our right-of-passage band stories–the drunken nights, the broken-down vans, the incomparable rush from stepping onto a dark stage before an anxious audience. We’ve laughed and cried, loved and lost. As we grow older and do a bit of growing up, we’ve been taking stock in our lives, both as individuals and together as a group of brothers striving and sacrificing for a common goal: to make our dreams come true.

If our story seems familiar, perhaps it’s because in many ways, it’s no different than yours. There are peaks and valleys, good days and bad, new characters enter, and old favorites depart, but the goal is always the same. We’re searching for what makes us happy, and fighting each and every morning to get one step closer.

Our music SAYS a lot about us, and a lot about how we see the world and our place in it, but it’s not ABOUT us. It’s about the time your Dad gave you a piece of advice you’ll never forget, or the first time you saw the person you’d marry years later. It’s finding your footing after a broken heart, and honoring a fallen friend to whom you weren’t able to say goodbye. In other words, it’s the laundry list of things that defines all of us as people, and how, armed with this evolving knowledge, we relate to everyone else walking around on this crazy planet.

We invite you to listen to the story the music tells, not because we need the affirmation, but because you’ll undoubtedly find your place in the pages.


8 thoughts on “About the Band

  1. My 10 year old son and I had the opportunity to see your band during Rib Fest. Needless to say that we were frankly “blown away” that the first band of the day would have this level of talent. Furthermore, you were kind enough to provide myself and my son with one of your cd’s for no charge. We greatly appreciate your kindness and very much respect your creativity and your talents. We hope to have an opportunity to see you again in the near future as my son Ashton does everything in his power “to be just like you!!!”

    Ari Dean Gleckman
    Carmel, Indiana

    1. Ari,

      Many, many thanks for the kind words. We remember you and your son well! While we could probably think of some more appropriate role models for young Ashton, we are pretty flattered! Thanks again, we hope to see you soon!


  2. I hate to say this but why is this page not better kept? I mean if you are really doing your best to make it then shouldn’t you also do your best to keep us all in your loop? Come on guys some of this stuff is so far out-dated that it makes it seem to your fans that you have given up on the new and are resting on the what ifs, Serious stuff here, we want to know what you are doing to ride that wave, not what you are doing to wait for it to hit you while you are asleep. I went to more than one page and that page was not even there. So what I am getting at is , if you cannot even keep a simple web page up then how in the world are you ever going to get a contract and keep that going? Besides the lead singer what sets you aside?

    1. Your comments prompted me to take action. It can be quite a daunting task (not to mention an awfully tedious one) to stay on top of the dozens of social media outlets, web pages, blogs, and digital marketplaces our band maintains in order to stay in touch with and attain feedback from our fans. This “about the band” section of our blog, while one of many “about us/bio” pages we have strewn about the web, was sorely outdated. It needed a facelift, and thanks to you pointing it out, I’ve given it one. If I may, I’d like to know more about what you and others would like to see from us. Being in a band and chasing a dream has its ups and downs, and while I often wish we were riding more waves than floundering in a seemingly endless sea of irrelevance, the characteristic by which we are most defined is our unflappable determination. I assure you none of us is sleepily wondering about the what-ifs. As the words to the newly-christened page above indicate, our band’s goals begin and end with building relationships with our listeners, inviting them to find a place in the stories behind our music, and finding common ground in the emotions that inspired them. Unfortunately, this goal cannot be accomplished on our own. It’s a two-way street, and requires not only that friends (and friends of friends, and so on) listen to and share our music, but that they also communicate with us just as we try to do them. What songs are your favorites? What do you think of Too Far to Feel’s album art? Do you like it when the drummer serenades a crowd favorite? What would you like to see from us on Facebook, Twitter, or the blog that we’re not doing? Answers to these questions are helpful. Blanket criticism is not. Impeccable websites may be important, but I’m fairly certain the Beatles, Rolling Stones, and Elvis managed to find a path to the top in other ways, with help, I’m sure, from their fans early on. If website contests are how record contracts are being awarded these days, then God help us all. In fact, now that I think about it, Nickelback’s website is pretty sweet…

      Thanks for checking us out. Would love to know what you think to help us move forward. My email, if you prefer, is chris@borrowtomorrowband.com.

  3. That is some introduction. I’m impressed! On my phone at the moment (not especially conducive to discovering new music), but I’ve followed your blog and will check out more of your stuff when I’m at home. Others’ testimonials have me excited!

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