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F-BONY: First Blog of New Year.

Well…72 hours ago, we were wondering what the hell we were going to do. Our New Year’s Eve gig got cancelled and for lack of a better word, we felt as if we were F-U-C-T. However, this band is like a fly that won’t go away. We knew we had to get the show on the road and send some of that Robert Newport, I might want to show you my hairy bare chest, vibe out for the big night!

Let’s bring you up to speed…for those of you following along at home. New Year’s Even gig got cancelled. We tracked down some amazingly fine people that were so kind and added us to the lineup for the Nuvo, Z99.5 & Stella Artois Masquerade Ball. We want to thank, sincerely and from the bottom of our hearts, Danielle Beck, Ricky Lee Potts and My Yellow Rickshaw for respectively adding us to the lineup, getting us in touch with the right folks and bending over backwards to let us spread a little NYE cheer BoTo style. Seriously – it was so incredibly refreshing to wind down the year playing a show and doing it with so many people that couldn’t have been any nicer to us. Thank you all…we hope our paths cross again sooner rather than later.

Ok, so the gig…you want to know what that was like? Ok…We played about 90 minutes of some hot and nasty rock and roll. Some originals that went over great like “One Foot Out the Door” which is on the new disc. We also had a blast playing some of our old favorites a gyrating mob of party-goers: “Billie Jean”, “Jenny/867-5309”, “Firework”, “Summer of 69” just to name a few. Indy, you couldn’t have been any kinder to us. Special thanks also go out to Paul Poteet from Z99.5 for some fabulous props. If you haven’t had a chance to see My Yellow Rickshaw, we recommend them. They’re seriously a blast.

All right – a couple of reminders. Only 12 days left until the Vogue Show! Remember this little gem? Watch it, love it, and get your tickets quick! Shoot us an email and we can get them to you to save you on service charges or if you’re into the whole convenience thing (and who isn’t now-a-days with the interweb and all) you can get them at Ticketmaster.

P.S. Get on board – this train is rolling bee-yatch!

What Keeps Me Going

People often ask me, “How’s the band going Robert?” I am always happy to tell them about our latest irons in the fire and our hopes and dreams for tomorrow, but by virtue of my open book personality I rarely refrain from giving my lighthearted questioner much more than they bargained for. I go on at length about how trying at times it can be to maintain a commitment to a dream that does not even pretend to offer any firm guarantee of financial security…or in other words, a future. To borrow from one of Chris’s lyrics from the new album: “I don’t ever want to give up, but I’m breaking down. Keep pushing when I’m fed up, now or never.” You get to some point where you start to relish the difficulty of it all. We all know the quote that goes something like, “the harder the battle, the sweeter the triumph.”

It’s sick how you almost start to enjoy being perpetually behind on the bills and not being able to even dream of buying a new pair of slacks or that sweet Kenny Loggins t-shirt at the stupidly overpriced vintage store. Before I finally sold my Oldsmobile Alero because of one too many mechanical break downs, the first dream I wanted to realize if we ever did make any amount of money worth writing home about was to fix the badly damaged front bumper. I mean, I’m not asking for much here. I’m asking for enough dough to pay the bills and to fix a bumper. (My bumper repair dream has since been replaced by the dream to maybe one day upgrade my cassette tape deck stereo in my newly acquired S-10…although I do somewhat enjoy playing the only cassettes I could find in my closet: Storm Front by Billy Joel and Skeletons in the Closet, The Best of the Grateful Dead.)

People often interject after I go on for a while, “But you love it right?” as if that’s all that matters. Well, love it I do, but reality falls somewhere in between the Beatles’ lyrics, “All you need is love,” and, “Your lovin’ sure gives me a thrill, but your lovin’ don’t pay my bills. Now give me money.” It would be quite a charade to postpone career and financial growth for the past 5 years for something I didn’t love. I do love it. I am nothing short of ecstatic to get up on the stage with the guys and do my best to pour it all out…to express all that hurt, anger, restlessness, and yes, occasional joy. I feel that I, along with my bandmates, were given gifts. I hope that you, the reader, have listened to our music and that you at least somewhat agree with me! It has been a challenge to make due sacrifices to be available to keep nurturing these gifts. I can only hope and pray that someday these gifts will make me money to live on, therefore making me feel less insane for dedicating so much time to them.

As I start to see the eyes in the poor fellow’s head that asked me about the band start to roll back in his head, I ask him about us. “How would you describe our sound?” I like to ask. “What does it make you feel?” I eat this stuff up. I love it when people have specific things to say about how we sound. It never fails to surprise me. I was delighted to hear my friend Andy describe Chris’s voice as, “a cross between the guy from Death Cab for Cutie and Chris Martin from Coldplay.” I’ve heard Wilco and REM comparisons. The more specific the descriptions, the more enthralled I am. I got a text from a good friend of mine, Bekah Proctor the other day after I gave her and her sister a couple copies of “Retrospective.” Bekah and her sis hooked me up with some Nyquil one evening that I was feeling pretty sick. Thanks Beks! Anyways, this is what Bekah’s sister Abby had to say about the record, verbatim straight from my text messaging inbox: “It’s a mix between Blink 182, Bright Eyes, and an Irish band. Sometimes the songs are mellow and other times I can’t describe the feeling but it’s a good one. I was with my best friend when I listened to it and she really liked it too. And she’s a pretty good judge of music I’d like to think.” That description was totally one-off. It’s different for everyone. I absolutely love how our music evokes different feelings and comparisons in each person that listens to it. Bekah said Abby couldn’t stop raving about us. Raving? Holy crap. I think that was the first time I’d ever heard “raving” and “Borrow Tomorrow” in the same sentence. We may not be on a fancy North American tour or even be making enough dough to make a living right now, but it’s words like that that keep me going. Honestly. I could tell that Abby had put some thought into what she thought of us. That meant that our music affected her. To see proof that we’re connecting gives me life! It makes me think, man…maybe we’ve got something special here. I’m going to get a little corny. It makes me think I should borrow tomorrow a little longer.

Only the Good…


There are many lessons in life. Some are harder to learn than others, but there is one in particular that, despite its relentless persistence and stunning pain, I never seem to grasp: life isn’t fair.

Our family, the tight-knit group of men and women whom have invested so much time, energy, and love into the hopes and dreams of our band, has lost a founding member. Randall has passed away. Whether you knew him as Randall, Randy, the Amazing Rando, or by countless other affectionate nicknames in whatever walk of life you happened to share with him, you were lucky. He was caring and compassionate, loving and warm, generous and thoughtful. He was, with uncompromising loyalty, a dedicated husband to his wife Amanda. In the nearly 5 years since he joined Andrew, Robert, and me to form Borrow Tomorrow, I have enough fond memories to last a lifetime, but that’s not to say I hadn’t room for many more. He was the glue, the sounding board, the handyman, the seasoned vet. He was a man you wanted on your team. For nearly 5 years, he was on ours, and call us selfish, it was far too brief.

Rando, you’ll forever grace the stage as a permanent fixture in our memories and in our hearts.

“We all shine on, like the moon, and the stars, and the sun…”



Ahh friends…think back to a simpler time. The days of old where few things mattered more than getting together with your friends on a Friday night. Think back to a time when as long as you had your lady friend, a terrible movie and no parents, then it was on. See: Hot High School Heavy Petting Preparation Material Go to that time, whether it be in college or high school, when you celebrated homecoming.

For us, in many ways, playing the Vogue this coming Friday is very much a homecoming. Although there are many more worries, probably just as many for you as there are us now-a-days, many more balls to juggle and far fewer minutes to spend doing nothing other than trying to figure out what to do with your friends, we want to take you to a place where none of that matters…at least for 90 minutes or so!

The past few months have been a busy few for your old friends in BoTo. In backwards chronology: Countless hours in the studio, countless hours writing new songs, what seems like countless hours on the road, not to mention the countless number of times we load and unload the gear! Important to note here however is that countless, at least in this instance, is not intended to have any negative connotation. This is what we live for!

While playing shows in Chicago, Kalamazoo, Terre Haute, St. Louis, Cincinnati, shooting videos here or there, practicing in anything from a storage shed to a basement to a lavish rehearsal studio and driving the many miles in between, the one thing that has been discussed more than anything else over the past few months has been……..coming home.

We finally get to do it, this coming Friday. If you read the Facebook or twitter posts, you know that we’ve been busy. You know that we’re working on new material and you know that we are about to enter the bullfighting ring in which we will make fame and fortune our collective bitch. Before all that…we’ll play for you and your friends in our own backyard.

I could try to tell you how excited we are to be back home and what a thrill it is to play again for our family, friends and friends of friends, but I still probably wouldn’t do it justice. So instead of rambling on for countless more paragraphs (this is where countless does have negative connotation), I’m going to do something much more fun. I’m going to invite you to come to the show, bring as many or as few of your friends as you like (just so long as you come) and forget about what you’ve got going on. Forget about what you have to do on Saturday. Go out to dinner with your friends, come see the show with your friends, go out in the Rip-Nasty after the show with your friends. Make this Friday about what music is all about…taking you someplace else. It’ll be fun…we promise!

Here are a few demos…click on the links to have a listen. These are rough demos that the lovely and talented Chris Jerles has put together. These songs are just a small preview as to what you’ll hear this Friday. We made the set list and we’re looking at no fewer than 5 brand new songs. We share these not so that you’ll know what to expect on the new album, but because selfishly, we’d love to hear and see you singing along! When you hear them Friday, you’ll start to get a feel for what the new album is going to be like.

Basement Song
Brand New Start
Born with a Broken Wing
How Could You Let Me Down
Sometime Back in the ’70’s

Oh don’t worry…we’ll play some old favorites too. If there is something that you’ve just gotta hear this Friday…drop us a line and let us know. As long as you pay $5.00 to come and see us, that makes you the boss. What do you want to hear? We’d ask what you want to see, but Andrew would then think that is an invitation to do some stupid Jim Morrison shenanigans. Anyway…

Check it out…looking forward to seeing you on Friday! Much love,


A Boto Rehearsal, or A Bunch of Dorks Laugh at Themselves for a Few Hours


Hello, devoted fans!

In recent weeks, a shift in the overall agenda has begun to take place during band rehearsals. In my opinion, it’s been a welcome breath of fresh air. Most rehearsals (or ‘band practices’ to the unprofessional, and we’re obviously very professional) revolve around preparation for an upcoming gig, meaning the structure is a very regimented review of our catalog. Perhaps a new song or cover tune is sprinkled in, but often in the interest of time, or lack thereof, we take a fairly straightforward approach without a lot of wiggle room.

As we set our sights on another record release, this time our first full-length album, the focus has shifted to new music. Certainly, we always try to facilitate the creative process whenever we can, developing ideas into new songs as much as possible, but often, as described above, this can take a very unfortunate back seat. Lately, band rehearsals are as loose, productive, creative, and downright fun as they’ve ever been. It’s nice to again have that feeling that we’re in this band to make music together and enjoy ourselves. Ironic how often these very simple principles get lost along the way.

Coupled with this attention to new Boto originals is the documentation of our efforts via a brand-new Flip video camera. I should clarify that this is not our first attempt to catch on video the silly things we do. The back story is a rather gruesome one as this is not our second camera, nor even our third, but yes, our FOURTH go ’round. The first was left behind and likely stolen, though the jury is still out. The second required preparation beyond our mortal abilities, including charged (and back-up) batteries and blank (and extra blank) recordable discs. Those things are expensive, particularly when most of the nonsense we shoot isn’t worth ever watching again. Plus, there was always the fear that we’d record over Baby Will’s first steps or something. The third, you ask? It was perfect until it was run over by a truck. Don’t worry about it.

Needless to say, the life expectancy for a video camera when trusted to a member of this band isn’t long, but like the child who simply must touch to stove to prove it’s hot (4 times?), we’re giving it another go. Truth is, there’s just too much great stuff to share with our fans not to have one on hand.

Below, we’ve put together a little video of our first new camera experience, and it just so happens to feature us in our element at rehearsal this week. It’s either one of those rare occasions in which genius is captured on film, or just a bunch of dorks laughing at themselves for 4 minutes. I’m not sure. Then again, I’m one of the dorks, so you be the judge.

Here’s the direct link to YouTube to share with friends.

Thanks for checking in. Enjoy prolonging your youth by dressing up for Halloween and getting hammered this weekend, and keep rocking!


Podcast with Indy In-Tune

Thumbs up.


A couple of weeks ago, you may have heard whispers of Boto participating in a podcast and thought to yourself, “Awesome–I love podcasts and Boto so this is a dream come true!” Or maybe you said, “What’s a podcast?” Or perhaps even, “What’s a Boto?”

Well anxious readers, the rumors are true, and we’re pleased to invite you all to check out the podcast we recorded with Darrin of Indy In-Tune. Indy In-Tune is an excellent source of news and info about Indiana-based artists and bands, and Borrow Tomorrow is the featured guest on this week’s show. Darrin was a very gracious host (and is an even nicer guy, as evidenced by his willingness to subject himself to our ramblings for well over an hour).

For those unfamiliar with the vernacular, a podcast is like a radio program in that it’s produced and released in episodes, though instead of broadcasting over the airwaves, it is available to listeners by way of downloading from the online source to an iPod (or similar audio player) or streaming right from the website and listening on your computer. However you choose to listen, we encourage you to do so! It features 4 Boto tunes, and a lot of talk about how the songs came together, as well as some general chatter about the band and our goings-on. Because we’re long-winded (i.e. love to hear ourselves talk), it runs about 60 minutes, so I recommend you listen on your work commute or while you sit in the office bored to tears.

Links below:

Link to the Podcast and Darrin’s Write-Up

Or you can right click here and ‘save link as’ to simply download an mp3 of the podcast in its entirety to put on a music player, burn to disc, or do with it whatever your heart desires (54.5 MB).

Also, be sure to visit the Indy In-Tune Home Page for all of Darrin’s podcasts, blog posts, and other awesome local music info. Help support Indiana music!

Boto and Ribs and Beer–Oh My!

Chris at Ribfest1
Borrow Tomorrow performing at Rib America Festival. Indianapolis, IN. 9.4.2010

Well, another Rib America Festival is in the books, and for Borrow Tomorrow, it marks our 4th and, in my humble opinion, the best Ribfest in which we’ve had the pleasure of being included. The weather was perfect, and the crowd was enthusiastic. To those of you who arrived early and got your hands on the hottest commodity of the day–a sweet Boto koozie–please put it to good use! (Thank you to Adam, Anden, and Steph for distributing the goods, also). We enjoyed meeting all of you that came to say hello after the show. Give those cd’s a listen and don’t forget to visit our website to download our newest EP absolutely free.

Please enjoy a few photos from Saturday (many more available here), and we look forward to seeing you again next time!

Robert Ribfest1

Chris Ribfest2

Rando Ribfest1

Andrew Ribfest1

Robert Ribfest2

Chris Ribfest3

Robert Ribfest3

The Long and Botarded Road

Vandura Sunset

When Borrow Tomorrow hit the road, some things are just a given. The admiral will be at the helm. A convenience store stop will include a combined $40 minimum spent on essentials like Pringles, Coca-cola, Snickers fit for a king, and Reese’s Cups. The lovely Nurse will pack a heartfelt note of well wishes alongside our pre-show gummy worm staple. We will laugh ourselves silly, and we will assuredly arrive to our destination late. But if we’ve learned anything from our logged mileage, it is that something ridiculous will always (read: beyond a shadow of a doubt) happen or go terribly wrong. A missing wallet and cell phone in Chicago. A drunken post-Beatle binge wrestling match in St. Louis. One word: Jasper. Perhaps this is due to the band’s collective IQ dropping hundreds of points when we find ourselves in a car together. Or maybe we’re cursed. Nonetheless, it never keeps us from hitting the road next time out and doing it all over again.

On that note, I’d like to take a moment to pay a little tribute to our beasts of the road, and introduce all of you to a little slice of Boto luxury.

1980 something – 2009

Vandura and All Her Glory

The original Boto mobile was one of a kind. Vandura’s best days were long gone when she joined our team circa 2008. Alas, she never complained, unless you count the squealing, wheezing, and refusal to accelerate beyond 40 mph that ultimately foreshadowed her demise on a notoriously awful evening/early morning that will live in Boto infamy. In the months prior, however, she fought with tremendous vigor to ensure our safe travel to gigs. A particular highlight was our trip to St. Louis for Rib America Fest in 2009 in which we pulled into our hotel the night before to stupefied looks of horror from the valet guys. Randall asked them to find a home for it for the night. Much to our surprise, they obliged, and left it parked right in front of the building on the street. Why they chose to leave such an eyesore on display for hotel guests for a few hours remains a mystery. I think they were hoping it would be stolen. Vandura–you will be missed.

Unhappy Vandura

2010 – n/a

Chris and the 'Burban

After a few months in transportation limbo, Borrow Tomorrow welcomed the Boturban to the family with open arms (that’s Boto combined with Suburban for you English majors), and it’s been a match made in heaven. Now we endure all the nonsense mentioned in the opening paragraph in sheer, soccer-mom bliss! The Boturban has risen to the challenge and passed with flying colors, proudly carrying the torch and a handful of fledgling rock ‘n’ rollers everywhere it goes.

Next stop: Indy Ribfest and Goose Island in Chicago on Saturday of Labor Day weekend. See you there!

‘Retrospective’ Set for Online Release

Borrow Tomorrow - RetrospectiveGreetings!

We’re very pleased to announce that Borrow Tomorrow’s newest EP is available for download on the band’s website. The best part is it’s totally free. We wanted to try something a little different this time and launch the tracks digitally first. We’ll have some physical copies of the disc for those of you who still tend to gravitate toward that tangible “something to hold onto” when it comes to your music (myself included), however archaic that mentality may be. Hey, even vinyl is making a comeback! In any regard, this has been a long time coming, so we wanted to make it as easy as possible for our incredibly supportive fans to get their hands on the new recordings.

Coming Friday, June 4:

Borrow Tomorrow – Retrospective (2010)
1. Shy Away
2. Looking for You
3. The Highway One Bridge Song
4. Wicker Park Suite

Visit retrospective.borrowtomorrowband.com to download your copy.

Also, since this recording process spawned a Boto tune called “Nashville,” we wanted to share this cool version captured live at the Double Door in Chicago from this past March. Check it out below:

Listen to Nashville!

That’s all for now! Keep rockin’.