Boto and Ribs and Beer–Oh My!

Chris at Ribfest1
Borrow Tomorrow performing at Rib America Festival. Indianapolis, IN. 9.4.2010

Well, another Rib America Festival is in the books, and for Borrow Tomorrow, it marks our 4th and, in my humble opinion, the best Ribfest in which we’ve had the pleasure of being included. The weather was perfect, and the crowd was enthusiastic. To those of you who arrived early and got your hands on the hottest commodity of the day–a sweet Boto koozie–please put it to good use! (Thank you to Adam, Anden, and Steph for distributing the goods, also). We enjoyed meeting all of you that came to say hello after the show. Give those cd’s a listen and don’t forget to visit our website to download our newest EP absolutely free.

Please enjoy a few photos from Saturday (many more available here), and we look forward to seeing you again next time!

Robert Ribfest1

Chris Ribfest2

Rando Ribfest1

Andrew Ribfest1

Robert Ribfest2

Chris Ribfest3

Robert Ribfest3

A Big Week


As we enter summer’s home stretch, it’s more important than ever to take full advantage of our fleeting opportunities to enjoy delicious food, beer, and fun in the sun. Of course, we’re referring to this weekend’s Rib America Festival held in Military Park in downtown Indianapolis. Borrow Tomorrow will take the stage at noon on Saturday (9/5) so come out early to rock out with us and enjoy the festivities. Keep in mind that the $5 entrance fee is waived for everyone that makes it out to the park before 1pm. That means not only will you get a healthy dose of Boto, but you’ll have more dollars in your pocket for beer! Win-win.

Tonight, Borrow Tomorrow has the privilege of recording a podcast with Darrin of Indy In-Tune. Darrin is a great supporter of live local music and has an impressive catalog of interviews with tons of great Indiana-based groups. We’re pleased to have the chance to divulge all of our deepest and darkest secrets to him and as a result, the world. Stay tuned for release date updates. Please visit his site for more info about him and his cause.

Of course, a reminder to our Chicago faithful that we’re hitting the road after our Rib Fest performance Saturday and will see you all at Goose Island in Wrigleyville at 9pm that night! Goose Island and its patrons have been very good to us, and we’re looking forward to another visit. See you all very soon.

A Labor Day Double-Header

Greetings Boto fans:

For the first time in our band’s history, we are playing 2 shows in one day. Both our Indy faithful and our fans up in the Windy City will have the opportunity to enjoy some rock ‘n’ roll courtesy of Borrow Tomorrow on Saturday, Sept. 4.

At noon, we’ll kick off an entire day’s worth of music on the main stage at the Rib America Festival at Military Park in downtown Indianapolis. Come out for delicious ribs and stay for the live music. Ted Nugent headlines our day. Rock!

Rib America Fest

Mere hours later we’ll take the stage at Goose Island (the Wrigleyville location) in Chicago.  Also featured that night are Veda, Of Dark Matter, and The Main Squeeze. We’ll open things up around 9:30, but be sure to get there early so you’ve got a delicious Goose Island beverage in your hands at show time. Here’s the event listing for your BookFacers.

Goose Island Poster 9.4.10

My Kind of Town, Chicago Is…

Hey all:

It’s almost here–Thursday night (7/8) Borrow Tomorrow returns to Chicago to take the stage at Schubas Tavern. Acoustic performer simplesinger will kick things off at 8pm, and local favorites Daysleeper will headline the evening. Boto is slated to rock at 9pm. A big thanks goes out to Soapbox Wines for their sponsorship.

Buy your tickets in advance from the venue’s online box office. Schubas is located at 3159 N. Southport Ave.

Schubas  Flier 7.8.10

Boto Party Bus to Chicago

Magical Mystery Tour
Dying to take you away, take you today. Note: Actual bus will most certainly differ from psychadelic MMT bus. We apologize in advance.

On Saturday, March 20, Borrow Tomorrow will take the stage at one of Chicago’s most famous venues–the Double Door–and we want you to be there!

So we’ve come up with an idea to encourage our always supportive Indianapolis-area fans to join us–a chartered party bus to and from the event.

Let me say it again. A chartered party bus. One more time. Party. Bus.

Here are the awesome details. A ticket gets you the following:

-A seat on the bus (of course, with all the dancing you’ll be doing, we make no promises that you actually use it)
-Beer and Beverage during the ride
-Admission to the Double Door for the show and the pre-party with the band in the DD Dirt Room
-A sweet Boto t-shirt to mark the occasion
-One hell of a good time

How much? $40 per person. Hang on, before you say “cheese and rice–that’s a lot,” think about it. Gas to and from Chicago alone would cost upwards of 40 bucks (and if you’re driving yourselves you’re certainly not partying), no hotel necessary, your $8 admission to the DD is comped, throw in a killer t-shirt, and all the beer and cocktails on the bus you can handle! That, my friends, is a steal.

Now, we’ve crunched the numbers (well, we didn’t personally because we can’t really count that high), and we need 50 PEOPLE on board to make it happen.

To help facilitate and gauge interest, we’ve created a Facebook group. We want you to join and tell your friends about it (and have them join, too!) as a sign of interest on your part! If the numbers are there, we will then contact you (unobtrusively, we promise) to follow up. If you’re not a Facebooker but want to say, “Hey guys–I’m in,” shoot one of us an email. I’ll nominate myself ( and Andrew (

Our cut-off date is March 7 so please, don’t hesitate. Start spreading the word immediately. We adore our Indy faithful and WANT YOU IN CHICAGO ON THE 20TH!

February Made Me Shiver

79000 Miles

Tonight we rolled 79000 miles on the band’s incredible ship the USS Boto. Admiral Andrew Newport celebrated a perfect 79000 miles showing on the odometer as we stopped south of Crowne Point Indiana to de-ice the ship [watch the video].
It’s been a long trip in what’s been the worst storm we’ve seen this year. I’m sure everyone will be happy to see the Marytr’s crowd and forget about this long wintery trip.
Cheers to 79,000 and all the good things coming in 2010.

In Music,

Home Again In Indiana: The Vogue!

Borrow Tomorrow Face Melter Nurse signing the trailer Rando and his Penyard Sharpie holder

After many shows on the road, Boto is thrilled to once again be back in Indiana. Feels like home: Maybe because it is home!

Last we saw our Broadripple friends we shared an incredible night with Augustana at The Vogue, one of my favorite shows last year. Less for the company we kept, but more for all the local friends we had a chance to visit an catch-up with. Outside of seeing tons of new faces, all those of you who visit often were able to share being on a larger stage and filling the room.

Out back, we visited with Augustana’s front-man Dan Layus to reminisce about a fun experience at Buca Di Beppo and shared stories of last year’s tour with Counting Crows. Later, Amanda and I signed the Augustana trailer to document the evening.

Tonight, I’m equally excited to visit with our Indianapolis friends right here at Home. On the bill is Chicago-based band Sixteen Candles. They bring to the table an incredibly high-energy 80s Tribute show, packed full of all the great pop 80s tunes. You will be smitten with the authenticity that this band brings to their show.

Cheers, I look forward to sharing a great set of energetic Boto goodness with you in just a few hours!

In Music,

Chicago & Indy


Happy Wednesday – just a few minutes early. 

Chicago & Indy our home away from home and our home respectively.  We are coming off of a great show last Friday night at Goose Island in Wrigleyville.  We had a great time and as always, saw a number of familiar faces!  Many thanks to all that made it out…Chicago is good to us…for that we are grateful. 

This Friday, we’re looking forward to playing in our backyard.  The Vogue nightclub.  Anybody that is a fan of music in Indy is familiar with the Vogue.  We’re stoked to be jamming just over an hour set.  So many of you have really jumped on the promotion for this show…thank you all so very much.  We ran through the set yesterday and I feel pretty confident in saying that this is one of the most high-powered sets in BoTo history.  We’re trading in the keys for a few extra fast paced numbers.  Don’t let that discourage those of you that like crooner-Chris.  We will stray not from our BoTo roots – we’re just bringing the noise this weekend! 

We’d love to see you out there – thanks again to everyone that is out there pushing the show for us.  We’ll keep you posted as we lead up to the show and of course will have an update shortly afterwards.  We almost need to blog right after the show…it seems that the later the night gets, the less we remember.  BoTo + Booze = foggy haze. 

Have a great week – peace!