Getting Back to Work – Finally!

All right – I’ll try to stay focused, but no promises.

November 2006 – we started this band and played our first shows in early 2007.  We were younger, no comment as to whether or not we were dumber then than now, and probably a little bit skinnier.  We have spent a lot of time as a band, arguably all of our time as a band thinking about how hard things are.  How hard it is to play in a band and still move forward with your life.  How hard it is to be successful in this music juggernaut.  You know what?  Things are hard.  But not anymore. 

We have spent the past eight years playing music together.  Some nights to no one and some nights to 15,000 people.  We’ve had the great fortune to do every single thing that we had hoped that we’d ever do as a band and more, with the exception of one little thing (topic of a blog post yet to come).  And yet, we’ve seemingly found a way to look back and lament on what we haven’t done. Ha! What more evidence do we need to prove that we are fools?

Maybe it’s the time of year, maybe it’s the place that we’re in as a band or maybe, it’s just growing up (although growing up for us is doubtful).  Many of you may not know that in October of 2013, we TRIED to break up as a band. We all sat in dressing room (and undoubtedly over stayed our welcome to the host venue that evening) and gave ourselves 12 weeks to start writing new material. If no new music emerged, we were calling it quits. 12 weeks turned into 16, 16 into 20, 20 in 30 until finally we call came to the conclusion that we weren’t getting rid of each other that easily, but that we had to get back to work. We couldn’t quit. We couldn’t walk away. We weren’t done yet, despite our best efforts to call it a day. Damnit, we tried. But we couldn’t do it.  Finally new songs began to emerge.  The same new songs that we’re looking forward to rolling out in early 2015.

What does all of this blabbering horseshit have to do with anything?  Well – I’ll tell you.

Doing things like playing in a band is hard.  But do you know what? It’s a hell of a lot easier than waking up every day and going to work, raising your kids, being a good parent, being a half-responsible adult, working on projects at the old homestead, saving enough money to go on vacation or to buy that new car or hell, to go out to a nice dinner with your guest of choice.

I mean seriously.  Who the fuck have we been kidding?  Hopefully we have always been really good about telling you how much we love you and how much we appreciate you coming to our shows, listening to our music, reading our blogs, watching our videos and squeezing us in between the items on the list above which surely doesn’t include a million other things that are important to you.  But honestly, we’ve spent the past eight years wondering how it was that we were going to get to the next step, when in reality – we were taking the steps that were important with you.

Andrew's Will joined us for a writing session for Too Far to Feel
Andrew’s Will joined us for a writing session for Too Far to Feel

You had kids, so did some of us. You got married or engaged, so did some of us. You got divorced, we’ve had some of that too. We’ve bought and sold cars, bought and sold houses, taken new jobs, moved from city to city, we’ve lost some friends and gained others. Hopefully we could all say that we’ve grown together. Life can be hard, but not if you navigate it with the right people.

We're sober
We’ve lost some friends.
We've gained new friends and family members.
We’ve gained new friends and family members.

We won’t be so cliché, arrogant or rude as to think that we are writing the soundtrack to your life.  Not in the slightest, but to even be a little bit of noise in the background is pretty damn cool for us.

So thank you.  Thank you for seeing us through the hard times.  Thank you for allowing us progress.  Thank you for providing us hope.  Thank you for making us feel that our countless hours locked in rooms late at night writing songs hasn’t all been in vain.  Thank you for listening.  Thank you for watching.  Thank you for sharing.  Thank you for being there for us.  We only hope that we can provide a fraction to you that you have already provided for us.

2015 will very soon be here…and that’s pretty damn cool.  Let’s kick the effin’ door to the New Year in together (see picture below)!!


We are working on seven brand spanking new songs.  We haven’t named the new EP but we hope to wrap that up and start sharing some artwork very soon.  We are finalizing some details on a few live shows for the first quarter of 2015 and are incredibly excited about it.  We can’t wait to get out, test some of the new songs, share them with you, hit the road and hear what you’ve been up to as well.

Hope you had a great holiday season!  Hope that you have an unbelievable New Year.

From the absolute bottom of our hearts.  Thank you.  From here on out – we’re taking no prisoners.  It’s us against the world. We Borrow from Tomorrow no longer.  We’re grateful for today.

With that being said…kick this mutha in!

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The Long and Winding Songwriting Process

Howdy friends…

So my good friend and, well, brother…Robert stopped by last week to work on a couple of new ideas for songs.  Let me bring you up to speed for those of you that haven’t been following us since 2007…

Two Roberts is better than one.
Two Roberts is better than one.

Usually, up until now, this is how the songwriting process for our band works:

  1. Chris and/or Robert come up with an idea for a song.
  2. Chris and/or Robert complete the idea and present it to the band.
  3. We all get together and hammer out structure, transitions, solos, placement of sexy kicks, etc.
  4. Once the idea has been completed, Chris puts lyrics to it and well…then we’ve got ourselves a hit song now!!

Life changes though and while world domination for our band at this point is eminent and nearly within reach, the way that we are writing songs, has well…changed…dramatically.

Songwriting has become a team effort, a collaborative endeavor in which we are all pushing the limits of our comfort zones to see what kind of dog shit we can sprinkle a little BoTo upon to parlay into a song that will afford us new opportunities!  Instead of waiting for someone else to show up with some new ideas, we’re all working on ideas.  We’ll see where it takes us, but at press time, we’ve got about twelve brand-spanking new ideas that we’re cooking up.  The songwriting collaborations are helping us to explore some new avenues that before, would have remain untouched. Cue inappropriate comparison photos…

Inappropriate comparison 1.
Inappropriate comparison 1.
Supplement to inappropriate comparison 1.
Supplement to inappropriate comparison 1.
Beginning of something incredible?
Beginning of something incredible?
We know these guys were good, eh?
We know these guys were good, eh?

We’ll keep you posted on the progress.  As the title here would suggest, this process is a long one.  Even longer than before as we all work on and share ideas.  Rehearsals have been replaced by interweb videos being exchanged, phone calls and weekend get-togethers.  We have also learned that we enjoy videotaping ourselves singing, dancing like idiots and sharing the occasionally funny picture, as seen below.

We make dumb even easier than it should be.
We make dumb even easier than it should be.

Stay tuned, share with your friends.  And again, for those of you that haven’t been with us since the beginning, here’s an opportunity to get caught up


Giants? Pats? Nope. Help Boto Go to the Super Bowl

Rolling Stone Super Bowl

If you thought Tom Brady and Gisel heading to Indy meant the Super Bowl couldn’t get any sexier this year, boy were you wrong. The glow of electric sex that is Borrow Tomorrow has a chance to perform at the Rolling Stone-hosted Rock and Roll Fan Tailgate at the Super Bowl. Jane’s Addiction and the Roots headline the event, and up for grabs is an opening slot! Help us get there! Here’s how:

OK, let’s be real for just a second. This an awesome opportunity, but we’re one of a ton of great local bands vying for our time to shine. That’s where you come in–we need your votes, your friends’ votes, your Mom’s votes. We need your yoga instructor, your grocery cashier, cat, dog, and favorite pair of shoes to vote for us in order to pull this off. When the dust settles and all votes are tallied, the top 3 bands advance, and the winner of the 3 finalists is selected by Rolling Stone.

Quick and dirty rules: you can vote once per day from now until 8PM EST SUNDAY, JANUARY 29. It requires an email address to make it happen, but it’s easy, we promise, and only takes a couple minutes.

Vote Now!

You’re awesome, and we love you.


Making Headlines Like Corduroy Pillows

With the show at the Vogue right around the corner, the interwebs runneth over with Borrow Tomorrow goings-on. To help bring you up to speed, and keep you from missing each and every chance to savor the Boto flavor (um…gross?), check out these wave-making links:


Borrow Tomorrow

Borrow Tomorrow: Stealing another day by Wade Coggeshall as featured in Nuvo.


#3 Featured Event in this week’s edition of DoItIndy‘s Top 5 Indy Urban Events.


Borrow Tomorrow by Wayne Bertsch

Barfly: Borrow Tomorrow as depicted by Wayne Bertsch. Featured in Nuvo.


Borrow Tomorrow at the Vogue Friday, January 13 event announcements:

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Courtesy of


Speaking of the Vogue, if you don’t yet have your tickets, you’d better hurry. Visit Ticketmaster to purchase yours.

See you Friday!


A Boto Rehearsal, or A Bunch of Dorks Laugh at Themselves for a Few Hours


Hello, devoted fans!

In recent weeks, a shift in the overall agenda has begun to take place during band rehearsals. In my opinion, it’s been a welcome breath of fresh air. Most rehearsals (or ‘band practices’ to the unprofessional, and we’re obviously very professional) revolve around preparation for an upcoming gig, meaning the structure is a very regimented review of our catalog. Perhaps a new song or cover tune is sprinkled in, but often in the interest of time, or lack thereof, we take a fairly straightforward approach without a lot of wiggle room.

As we set our sights on another record release, this time our first full-length album, the focus has shifted to new music. Certainly, we always try to facilitate the creative process whenever we can, developing ideas into new songs as much as possible, but often, as described above, this can take a very unfortunate back seat. Lately, band rehearsals are as loose, productive, creative, and downright fun as they’ve ever been. It’s nice to again have that feeling that we’re in this band to make music together and enjoy ourselves. Ironic how often these very simple principles get lost along the way.

Coupled with this attention to new Boto originals is the documentation of our efforts via a brand-new Flip video camera. I should clarify that this is not our first attempt to catch on video the silly things we do. The back story is a rather gruesome one as this is not our second camera, nor even our third, but yes, our FOURTH go ’round. The first was left behind and likely stolen, though the jury is still out. The second required preparation beyond our mortal abilities, including charged (and back-up) batteries and blank (and extra blank) recordable discs. Those things are expensive, particularly when most of the nonsense we shoot isn’t worth ever watching again. Plus, there was always the fear that we’d record over Baby Will’s first steps or something. The third, you ask? It was perfect until it was run over by a truck. Don’t worry about it.

Needless to say, the life expectancy for a video camera when trusted to a member of this band isn’t long, but like the child who simply must touch to stove to prove it’s hot (4 times?), we’re giving it another go. Truth is, there’s just too much great stuff to share with our fans not to have one on hand.

Below, we’ve put together a little video of our first new camera experience, and it just so happens to feature us in our element at rehearsal this week. It’s either one of those rare occasions in which genius is captured on film, or just a bunch of dorks laughing at themselves for 4 minutes. I’m not sure. Then again, I’m one of the dorks, so you be the judge.

Here’s the direct link to YouTube to share with friends.

Thanks for checking in. Enjoy prolonging your youth by dressing up for Halloween and getting hammered this weekend, and keep rocking!


The Autumn Wind

Andrew and Robert backstage at Schubas. Chicago, IL. 7.8.2010.

After a big Labor Day weekend, and the stifling heat of summer gives way to deep blue skies, cool breezes, and a crunch beneath our feet, Borrow Tomorrow have been using these few weeks away from the stage to prepare for what we hope will be a very busy fall. That isn’t to say that we’ve been taking any time off–quite the opposite, in fact.

First, we spent a lovely day in the Windy City filming a video for our song “Shy Away” (from our Retrospective release, available for free download here) under the direction of the very talented Chris Baer. From what we’ve seen, the footage looks excellent, which is particularly impressive as it’s no small feat to make this band look like anything but complete douche canoes. We’re hoping to release the video in the next week or so.

Here are a few screen shots:

shyaway1 shyaway2shyaway3shyaway4

In other news, we’ve been giving a great deal of attention to new material–working on demos, trying to help nurture a few ideas in order to grow them into the songs that will make up our next recording and, naturally, those that will catapult Boto into the rarified rock ‘n’ roll air that includes the likes of The Stones, Beatles, and Michael Bolton. Er, well anyway, you get the idea. We’ve had a couple of really good sessions, and I’m awfully happy with the direction the new stuff is headed. Ideally, we’ll have some more demo recordings to share as we move forward, but rest assured, we’ll be sprinkling the new songs in future set lists.

Finally, after a trip up to the great state of Michigan to entertain for family and friends at Rando’s old stomping grounds, the next performance proper is slated for Saturday night, October 16 at Doc’s Music Hall in Muncie, IN. We’ll take the stage at 10pm. Muncie folk, we’re looking very forward to visiting some stomping grounds of our own in a couple of weeks, so we hope you’ll join us.

That’s all for now. Listen to the music, spread the word.

Podcast with Indy In-Tune

Thumbs up.


A couple of weeks ago, you may have heard whispers of Boto participating in a podcast and thought to yourself, “Awesome–I love podcasts and Boto so this is a dream come true!” Or maybe you said, “What’s a podcast?” Or perhaps even, “What’s a Boto?”

Well anxious readers, the rumors are true, and we’re pleased to invite you all to check out the podcast we recorded with Darrin of Indy In-Tune. Indy In-Tune is an excellent source of news and info about Indiana-based artists and bands, and Borrow Tomorrow is the featured guest on this week’s show. Darrin was a very gracious host (and is an even nicer guy, as evidenced by his willingness to subject himself to our ramblings for well over an hour).

For those unfamiliar with the vernacular, a podcast is like a radio program in that it’s produced and released in episodes, though instead of broadcasting over the airwaves, it is available to listeners by way of downloading from the online source to an iPod (or similar audio player) or streaming right from the website and listening on your computer. However you choose to listen, we encourage you to do so! It features 4 Boto tunes, and a lot of talk about how the songs came together, as well as some general chatter about the band and our goings-on. Because we’re long-winded (i.e. love to hear ourselves talk), it runs about 60 minutes, so I recommend you listen on your work commute or while you sit in the office bored to tears.

Links below:

Link to the Podcast and Darrin’s Write-Up

Or you can right click here and ‘save link as’ to simply download an mp3 of the podcast in its entirety to put on a music player, burn to disc, or do with it whatever your heart desires (54.5 MB).

Also, be sure to visit the Indy In-Tune Home Page for all of Darrin’s podcasts, blog posts, and other awesome local music info. Help support Indiana music!

A Big Week


As we enter summer’s home stretch, it’s more important than ever to take full advantage of our fleeting opportunities to enjoy delicious food, beer, and fun in the sun. Of course, we’re referring to this weekend’s Rib America Festival held in Military Park in downtown Indianapolis. Borrow Tomorrow will take the stage at noon on Saturday (9/5) so come out early to rock out with us and enjoy the festivities. Keep in mind that the $5 entrance fee is waived for everyone that makes it out to the park before 1pm. That means not only will you get a healthy dose of Boto, but you’ll have more dollars in your pocket for beer! Win-win.

Tonight, Borrow Tomorrow has the privilege of recording a podcast with Darrin of Indy In-Tune. Darrin is a great supporter of live local music and has an impressive catalog of interviews with tons of great Indiana-based groups. We’re pleased to have the chance to divulge all of our deepest and darkest secrets to him and as a result, the world. Stay tuned for release date updates. Please visit his site for more info about him and his cause.

Of course, a reminder to our Chicago faithful that we’re hitting the road after our Rib Fest performance Saturday and will see you all at Goose Island in Wrigleyville at 9pm that night! Goose Island and its patrons have been very good to us, and we’re looking forward to another visit. See you all very soon.

We’re Almost There! Help Us Reach 1,000!

Chris & Robert - Indy 2009

Goals have been a big part of the Boto strategy this summer, and while fame and gratuitous fortune may always grace the top of the “To Do” list, we’ve set our sights on some more easily attainable successes.

Earlier this week we decided to make a push for 1,000 views of our video “Nashville” on YouTube, and the faithful have responded.  In just over 4 days, we’ve jumped from 828 to 972, which is great. Help us make one final push to reach our goal by the end of the week. We know we can always depend on our fans to come through for us, and this should be no exception.

So we ask that you check out the video, and once you do, share it with a friend, co-worker, cousin, dog, record label executive, on-again/off-again girlfriend, casual sex partner. In other words, leave no stone unturned! Post to your facebook wall. Tweet about it. Sing it from the mountaintops. Help us out!

Boto Party Bus to Chicago

Magical Mystery Tour
Dying to take you away, take you today. Note: Actual bus will most certainly differ from psychadelic MMT bus. We apologize in advance.

On Saturday, March 20, Borrow Tomorrow will take the stage at one of Chicago’s most famous venues–the Double Door–and we want you to be there!

So we’ve come up with an idea to encourage our always supportive Indianapolis-area fans to join us–a chartered party bus to and from the event.

Let me say it again. A chartered party bus. One more time. Party. Bus.

Here are the awesome details. A ticket gets you the following:

-A seat on the bus (of course, with all the dancing you’ll be doing, we make no promises that you actually use it)
-Beer and Beverage during the ride
-Admission to the Double Door for the show and the pre-party with the band in the DD Dirt Room
-A sweet Boto t-shirt to mark the occasion
-One hell of a good time

How much? $40 per person. Hang on, before you say “cheese and rice–that’s a lot,” think about it. Gas to and from Chicago alone would cost upwards of 40 bucks (and if you’re driving yourselves you’re certainly not partying), no hotel necessary, your $8 admission to the DD is comped, throw in a killer t-shirt, and all the beer and cocktails on the bus you can handle! That, my friends, is a steal.

Now, we’ve crunched the numbers (well, we didn’t personally because we can’t really count that high), and we need 50 PEOPLE on board to make it happen.

To help facilitate and gauge interest, we’ve created a Facebook group. We want you to join and tell your friends about it (and have them join, too!) as a sign of interest on your part! If the numbers are there, we will then contact you (unobtrusively, we promise) to follow up. If you’re not a Facebooker but want to say, “Hey guys–I’m in,” shoot one of us an email. I’ll nominate myself ( and Andrew (

Our cut-off date is March 7 so please, don’t hesitate. Start spreading the word immediately. We adore our Indy faithful and WANT YOU IN CHICAGO ON THE 20TH!