Borrow Tomorrow – intro to blogging!

Well world, we’ve dragged our feet long enough.  It’s finally time for Borrow Tomorrow to step into the 21st century and actually start blogging.  I think that we’ve all done it to some extent whether it be on any one of the numerous social media networking sites or with a simple email to friends.  Now however, our thoughts, comments, likes, dislikes, pictures, links, etc. are here for the world to see. 

We’re looking forward to this – genuinely.  We have a lot of fun moments that we often wish we could find a better way to share.  This is a simple step in that direction. 

Everyone have a safe and happy New Year – no matter who you are and no matter where you live – we hope that we’ll get a chance to cross paths in 2010. 

All the best,

Andrew & Borrow Tomorrow