Getting Back to Work – Finally!

All right – I’ll try to stay focused, but no promises.

November 2006 – we started this band and played our first shows in early 2007.  We were younger, no comment as to whether or not we were dumber then than now, and probably a little bit skinnier.  We have spent a lot of time as a band, arguably all of our time as a band thinking about how hard things are.  How hard it is to play in a band and still move forward with your life.  How hard it is to be successful in this music juggernaut.  You know what?  Things are hard.  But not anymore. 

We have spent the past eight years playing music together.  Some nights to no one and some nights to 15,000 people.  We’ve had the great fortune to do every single thing that we had hoped that we’d ever do as a band and more, with the exception of one little thing (topic of a blog post yet to come).  And yet, we’ve seemingly found a way to look back and lament on what we haven’t done. Ha! What more evidence do we need to prove that we are fools?

Maybe it’s the time of year, maybe it’s the place that we’re in as a band or maybe, it’s just growing up (although growing up for us is doubtful).  Many of you may not know that in October of 2013, we TRIED to break up as a band. We all sat in dressing room (and undoubtedly over stayed our welcome to the host venue that evening) and gave ourselves 12 weeks to start writing new material. If no new music emerged, we were calling it quits. 12 weeks turned into 16, 16 into 20, 20 in 30 until finally we call came to the conclusion that we weren’t getting rid of each other that easily, but that we had to get back to work. We couldn’t quit. We couldn’t walk away. We weren’t done yet, despite our best efforts to call it a day. Damnit, we tried. But we couldn’t do it.  Finally new songs began to emerge.  The same new songs that we’re looking forward to rolling out in early 2015.

What does all of this blabbering horseshit have to do with anything?  Well – I’ll tell you.

Doing things like playing in a band is hard.  But do you know what? It’s a hell of a lot easier than waking up every day and going to work, raising your kids, being a good parent, being a half-responsible adult, working on projects at the old homestead, saving enough money to go on vacation or to buy that new car or hell, to go out to a nice dinner with your guest of choice.

I mean seriously.  Who the fuck have we been kidding?  Hopefully we have always been really good about telling you how much we love you and how much we appreciate you coming to our shows, listening to our music, reading our blogs, watching our videos and squeezing us in between the items on the list above which surely doesn’t include a million other things that are important to you.  But honestly, we’ve spent the past eight years wondering how it was that we were going to get to the next step, when in reality – we were taking the steps that were important with you.

Andrew's Will joined us for a writing session for Too Far to Feel
Andrew’s Will joined us for a writing session for Too Far to Feel

You had kids, so did some of us. You got married or engaged, so did some of us. You got divorced, we’ve had some of that too. We’ve bought and sold cars, bought and sold houses, taken new jobs, moved from city to city, we’ve lost some friends and gained others. Hopefully we could all say that we’ve grown together. Life can be hard, but not if you navigate it with the right people.

We're sober
We’ve lost some friends.
We've gained new friends and family members.
We’ve gained new friends and family members.

We won’t be so cliché, arrogant or rude as to think that we are writing the soundtrack to your life.  Not in the slightest, but to even be a little bit of noise in the background is pretty damn cool for us.

So thank you.  Thank you for seeing us through the hard times.  Thank you for allowing us progress.  Thank you for providing us hope.  Thank you for making us feel that our countless hours locked in rooms late at night writing songs hasn’t all been in vain.  Thank you for listening.  Thank you for watching.  Thank you for sharing.  Thank you for being there for us.  We only hope that we can provide a fraction to you that you have already provided for us.

2015 will very soon be here…and that’s pretty damn cool.  Let’s kick the effin’ door to the New Year in together (see picture below)!!


We are working on seven brand spanking new songs.  We haven’t named the new EP but we hope to wrap that up and start sharing some artwork very soon.  We are finalizing some details on a few live shows for the first quarter of 2015 and are incredibly excited about it.  We can’t wait to get out, test some of the new songs, share them with you, hit the road and hear what you’ve been up to as well.

Hope you had a great holiday season!  Hope that you have an unbelievable New Year.

From the absolute bottom of our hearts.  Thank you.  From here on out – we’re taking no prisoners.  It’s us against the world. We Borrow from Tomorrow no longer.  We’re grateful for today.

With that being said…kick this mutha in!

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What Keeps Me Going

People often ask me, “How’s the band going Robert?” I am always happy to tell them about our latest irons in the fire and our hopes and dreams for tomorrow, but by virtue of my open book personality I rarely refrain from giving my lighthearted questioner much more than they bargained for. I go on at length about how trying at times it can be to maintain a commitment to a dream that does not even pretend to offer any firm guarantee of financial security…or in other words, a future. To borrow from one of Chris’s lyrics from the new album: “I don’t ever want to give up, but I’m breaking down. Keep pushing when I’m fed up, now or never.” You get to some point where you start to relish the difficulty of it all. We all know the quote that goes something like, “the harder the battle, the sweeter the triumph.”

It’s sick how you almost start to enjoy being perpetually behind on the bills and not being able to even dream of buying a new pair of slacks or that sweet Kenny Loggins t-shirt at the stupidly overpriced vintage store. Before I finally sold my Oldsmobile Alero because of one too many mechanical break downs, the first dream I wanted to realize if we ever did make any amount of money worth writing home about was to fix the badly damaged front bumper. I mean, I’m not asking for much here. I’m asking for enough dough to pay the bills and to fix a bumper. (My bumper repair dream has since been replaced by the dream to maybe one day upgrade my cassette tape deck stereo in my newly acquired S-10…although I do somewhat enjoy playing the only cassettes I could find in my closet: Storm Front by Billy Joel and Skeletons in the Closet, The Best of the Grateful Dead.)

People often interject after I go on for a while, “But you love it right?” as if that’s all that matters. Well, love it I do, but reality falls somewhere in between the Beatles’ lyrics, “All you need is love,” and, “Your lovin’ sure gives me a thrill, but your lovin’ don’t pay my bills. Now give me money.” It would be quite a charade to postpone career and financial growth for the past 5 years for something I didn’t love. I do love it. I am nothing short of ecstatic to get up on the stage with the guys and do my best to pour it all out…to express all that hurt, anger, restlessness, and yes, occasional joy. I feel that I, along with my bandmates, were given gifts. I hope that you, the reader, have listened to our music and that you at least somewhat agree with me! It has been a challenge to make due sacrifices to be available to keep nurturing these gifts. I can only hope and pray that someday these gifts will make me money to live on, therefore making me feel less insane for dedicating so much time to them.

As I start to see the eyes in the poor fellow’s head that asked me about the band start to roll back in his head, I ask him about us. “How would you describe our sound?” I like to ask. “What does it make you feel?” I eat this stuff up. I love it when people have specific things to say about how we sound. It never fails to surprise me. I was delighted to hear my friend Andy describe Chris’s voice as, “a cross between the guy from Death Cab for Cutie and Chris Martin from Coldplay.” I’ve heard Wilco and REM comparisons. The more specific the descriptions, the more enthralled I am. I got a text from a good friend of mine, Bekah Proctor the other day after I gave her and her sister a couple copies of “Retrospective.” Bekah and her sis hooked me up with some Nyquil one evening that I was feeling pretty sick. Thanks Beks! Anyways, this is what Bekah’s sister Abby had to say about the record, verbatim straight from my text messaging inbox: “It’s a mix between Blink 182, Bright Eyes, and an Irish band. Sometimes the songs are mellow and other times I can’t describe the feeling but it’s a good one. I was with my best friend when I listened to it and she really liked it too. And she’s a pretty good judge of music I’d like to think.” That description was totally one-off. It’s different for everyone. I absolutely love how our music evokes different feelings and comparisons in each person that listens to it. Bekah said Abby couldn’t stop raving about us. Raving? Holy crap. I think that was the first time I’d ever heard “raving” and “Borrow Tomorrow” in the same sentence. We may not be on a fancy North American tour or even be making enough dough to make a living right now, but it’s words like that that keep me going. Honestly. I could tell that Abby had put some thought into what she thought of us. That meant that our music affected her. To see proof that we’re connecting gives me life! It makes me think, man…maybe we’ve got something special here. I’m going to get a little corny. It makes me think I should borrow tomorrow a little longer.