An Oldie but a Goodie

While we’re busy writing some new music, we don’t want to disappear from the face of the planet.

Speaking of disappearing from the face of the planet…has anyone seen this?  Some of the most spectacular abandoned places in the world.  Incredibly interesting.

Anyway, I digress.

We’ve played a few shows, had a few laughs over the past few years and we wanted to share them.  We were saving this for a rainy day.  While (at least where we’re at) it’s not raining so much.  In fact, we’re looking at about 8 inches of snow on the ground on our way to 10 or 12.

Speaking of which…I have seen more pictures of grocery stores and empty bread aisles in the past 24 hours than I can ever remember.  Please, explain this craze to me.

I digress again…

Here’s a video of our song “Shy Away.”  We recorded this song in Nashville at the SAE studios with our good friend Kyle Ferguson along with the help of Brett Baird.  We knocked this thing out in about two days and had an absolute blast doing it.  The trip and recording sessions also served as inspiration for our song “Nashville” which was later to be recorded for Too Far to Feel

Anyway…enough dilly dally.  Here it is.  Enjoy and as usual, please feel free to share, but only if you like it.

Borrow Tomorrow & the Vogue. Need I say more?

Vogue Marquee
Borrow Tomorrow return to the Vogue Theatre May 11, 2012.

OK, well maybe a little. How about some details?

We had such a ball at the Vogue back in January that we’ve decided to rekindle the magic on Friday, May 11. Joining us this time around are Brent James & The Contraband and Whoa!Tiger. Brent James and his band hail all the way from Nashville, TN by way of Seymour, IN. Learn more about them here. Indianapolis’ own Whoa!Tiger, another Indy-In-Tune favorite, keeps our IIT streak alive, and you can check them out here.

Boto at the Vogue. 5.11.12

  • Friday, May 11 at The Vogue (6259 N. College Ave., Indianapolis, IN)
  • Doors: 7:30 pm
  • Show: 8:00 pm
  • Tickets: On sale now. $7 Advance, $10 Day of Show. You can buy them from any band member right now for $7. Shoot one of us an email (here’s mine: chris [at] borrowtomorrowband [dot] com), and we’ll get you squared away. At the door, it’ll cost you $10 bones to get inside. You can also purchase them online via Ticketmaster, but you’ll have to pay those pesky fees. If you’re into ornithological carnage, I recommend you kill two birds and buy them from us ahead of time.
  • Facebook Event – Hey BookFacers–tell us you’re coming.

Whoa!Tiger will kick things off with a Siegfried & Roy-esque trained tiger routine. Actually, I think they’ll just play good music. Either way, you don’t want to miss it. Brent James & The Contraband will follow, and hopefully they don’t rock your entire face off, or else they’ll be nothing left for us to do to close the night.

If you couldn’t be bothered to read the above, here’s Robert and me giving you the details in person:


Mark your calendars, round up the guys and gals, pick up your tickets early, and we’ll see you at the Vogue on the 11th!


We’re Almost There! Help Us Reach 1,000!

Chris & Robert - Indy 2009

Goals have been a big part of the Boto strategy this summer, and while fame and gratuitous fortune may always grace the top of the “To Do” list, we’ve set our sights on some more easily attainable successes.

Earlier this week we decided to make a push for 1,000 views of our video “Nashville” on YouTube, and the faithful have responded.  In just over 4 days, we’ve jumped from 828 to 972, which is great. Help us make one final push to reach our goal by the end of the week. We know we can always depend on our fans to come through for us, and this should be no exception.

So we ask that you check out the video, and once you do, share it with a friend, co-worker, cousin, dog, record label executive, on-again/off-again girlfriend, casual sex partner. In other words, leave no stone unturned! Post to your facebook wall. Tweet about it. Sing it from the mountaintops. Help us out!

‘Retrospective’ Set for Online Release

Borrow Tomorrow - RetrospectiveGreetings!

We’re very pleased to announce that Borrow Tomorrow’s newest EP is available for download on the band’s website. The best part is it’s totally free. We wanted to try something a little different this time and launch the tracks digitally first. We’ll have some physical copies of the disc for those of you who still tend to gravitate toward that tangible “something to hold onto” when it comes to your music (myself included), however archaic that mentality may be. Hey, even vinyl is making a comeback! In any regard, this has been a long time coming, so we wanted to make it as easy as possible for our incredibly supportive fans to get their hands on the new recordings.

Coming Friday, June 4:

Borrow Tomorrow – Retrospective (2010)
1. Shy Away
2. Looking for You
3. The Highway One Bridge Song
4. Wicker Park Suite

Visit to download your copy.

Also, since this recording process spawned a Boto tune called “Nashville,” we wanted to share this cool version captured live at the Double Door in Chicago from this past March. Check it out below:

Listen to Nashville!

That’s all for now! Keep rockin’.


Nashville, You’re Slipping Right through My Fingers

A shot from the road and a lyric from a song: "Throw my ticket out the window" -Dylan's "Tonight I'll Be Staying Here with You" courtesy of Nashville Skyline

By now, many of you loitering next to the Facebook water cooler may have stumbled across a new Borrow Tomorrow video and song, but for those that haven’t, here’s the scoop.

As we’re telling anyone who’ll listen, the boys headed down to Nashville, TN, to record four new tunes for an upcoming release. The trip itself was a fairly no-nonsense, down-to-business affair, but it definitely made for a cool experience as it’s always a pleasure to spend time in a professional recording atmosphere. In hindsight, the process was such a whirlwind it seemed that by the time we’d caught our breath we’d returned to the circle city with little to show for our efforts but bags under our eyes and a case of H1N1 (is that still around?).

I set out to try to document the event in song. Though inspired by our journey down I-65, the tune grew into something more: a tale about searching for what makes one happy, and the hope that somewhere down the road he’ll find what’s missing. In our case, we’re just a band trying to make good music and share it with the people we love. And in the event you’re wondering, I really did spend our only night there stretched out on the floor. Hope you enjoyed the couch, Robert.

So please watch, listen, and enjoy:

Also, for those of you who have already, we thank you, but all we ask is that if you enjoyed this video, share it with your friends! Post it to your facebook/twitter/myspace or even send an old-fashioned e-mail to some folks you think would dig it as well.



What up?

First and foremost, wanted to thank everyone that made it out to Martyr’s this past weekend in Chicago.  We loved the venue, loved the crowd and had a blast playing with Surrender Dorothy and On The Run.  Hoping to get back up that way soon!

We’re dark this week but coming back strong next weekend when we return to Hammerhead’s in Jasper.  This place is a blast.  Some of our favorite moments include the removal of shirts, the maestro and some incredibly fantastic dancing.  Oddly enough, those memories are all from the same person…just think what the rest of the show is like!  Anyway – looking forward to hitting up Hammerhead’s again on the 20th.  Oh ya – there are a couple new cover songs making their way into the set list…it’s going to be sick nasty.

Lots of things in the works right now that we’re very excited about.  We’re currently putting the finishing touches on our forthcoming EP.  This was a very special project for us that was recorded in Nashville.  We had the amazing pleasure of working with longtime friend, Kyle Ferguson who produced, mixed and engineered the project.  Nothing like combining some of lifes biggest loves (music and friendship) into one.  The name and contents of the EP will be coming soon.  Hope you’re looking forward to it…we had a blast making it and we hope that you’ll connect with it as much as we have.

Chris has been working hard on a special little video to a previously unreleased/unperformed song entitled “Nashville.”  It was actually written (or at least partially written) about our time spent recording the new EP.   We’re hoping to bust that out in the next few days…please check it out and share it with your friends. 

Last but not least – we’re working hard on some new tunes, producing our first professional video, wrapping up the EP and of course – performing live.  In a bit of a retrospective here – I think that performing and connecting with all of you makes all of the hard work, band meetings, long hours in rehearsal and travel worth it.  We really appreciate everyone’s support and hope to continually keep things interesting for you. 

All the best – hope you’re well – come see us sometime soon,