New Friends, Warm & Fuzzies

“Wait, is that Angela Buchman?” several people asked as our Cincinnati friends Elk Creek warmed up the crowd before our Feb. 28 performance at Radio Radio. Too bad the city’s favorite weathergirl can’t actually control the weather, as 9 inches of snow dumped on Indy that night…leaving little demand for an encore around midnight…(at we’ll tell ourselves that was the reason). We were pleased to bust out 6 new songs to freshen up the standard BoTo set list; studio versions will be released in the coming months as our audio engineer is engulfed in the mixing/mastering process.

There were several birthdays in the crowd, including Andrew and Robert’s mother, Cathy Newport, and BoTo superfan Marjorie DeStefano who was gifted a plunger halfway through the show due to her low flow, environmentally friendly but turd unfriendly toilets. Our very own Mr. Chris Jerles’ birthday was just a few days later on March 4th, and he was greeted by a packed house.

This should get it.


First time BoTo showgoer and friend Katie Klee noted, “I bet one of your shows is kind of like a wedding reception, where a lot of your closest friends and family are there to support you, except you only get married once, and you guys get to experience it every time you play.” I liked the analogy. It made me realize how fortunate we are to have such a supportive following come party with us on the reg. It is a rush to hang out with so many special folks, and to think that we win them over to create a collective escape into our musical wonderland, if only for a couple songs in between their conversations with fellow concert goers, is no small thing.

Little words of encouragement make that gear a little easier to pack up at the end of the night (that and our friend Damian, who packed up about half the gear despite our best efforts to tell him to take it easy). A friend of my brother’s, Rudy, made it a point to tell me how talented he thought we were and to “keep going man, keep doing it.” I could tell in his eyes he wasn’t just blowing smoke up my ass and he was sincere. It’s little stuff like that that keeps us going.

We made a lot of new friends, including our new musical allies, Elk Creek, who we hope to team up with in Cincinnati soon. Robert played his first Radio Radio show in 5 years with a beer in his hand, and it was evident as he rambled on about plungers and birthdays in between songs. Andrew was his usual solid, reliable backbone presence holding it down behind the drum kit. Chris shined as he debuted a few new songs revealing a window to his private thoughts and the group’s essence, and finally, when he wasn’t carving out the groove on the bass, Shawn took time to explain that his last name is pronounced Canary like the bird, not Connery like the actor.

We love those Elk Creek boys

Billy Mac was there to savor the tasty goodness of his favorite tune, FallOut, along with 40, yes 40, of his friends. Even without any hair, Robert was still getting hit on by married chicks, our old high school principal was buying us beers, and in between hugs Andrew and Robert’s Dad was telling them to stop talking about turds and plungers on stage. And I thought turd was spelled terd but auto-correct says otherwise. Tony Pruitt drove down from Ft. Wayne and back after the show despite the winter monsoon.

Thanks to everyone who braved the snow and made it another special night for us. We love you and look forward to the next rock and roll wedding reception…a marriage of good friends, tasty jams, and a whole lotta love.