Last Year Meets Next Year…

Well, for starters, hello. We’ve missed you. Hopefully the feeling is mutual.  Embarrassingly it’s been a year since we last took to the interweb and wrote a blog.  Seriously – what the hell were we doing?

Let’s recap this past year.

  • We played the Vogue Nightclub in January – huge crowd.  Robert brought lamps.
  • We played a few shows here and there, kicked some holes in walls, you know.  The usual band stuff.
  • Always a pleasure to visit our good friends at Indy In-Tune.  We like that Darin fella…who by the way is like the equivalent of the Indy music Pope.  Anyone he doesn’t know in this town? (We’ll get to working on the Pope graphics – standby for that).
  • Had the great pleasure of playing the wedding for a couple of long time fans and friends.  Oh yeah, we discovered Vine that night too.
  • Radio Radio was on our list of stops – we like that place.  We traded in our lamps for trophies.
  • We lost and found Robert.
  • Introduced BoTo to the world of Bloomington, IN by playing one lovely night at the Bluebird.  Nice town ya got there Hoosiers.
  • Bloomington was good to us – we played a couple numbers for The Weekly Special
  • Chris got engaged.  Meow.
  • Shawn gets the award for wearing our favorite gig shirt of the year.
  • We played the First Friday Food Truck Festival at the Old National Centre, had a blast and more or less tried to figure out what the hell we wanted to do with this band. Oh yeah…we made more Vines too.

What can we learn by digesting all of above info?  You guessed it – you picked the dumbest band in the world like!  We’re thrilled you did though.  So what does that hold in store for us for 2014?

Well, if history tells us anything, it would say that we typically follow-up long periods of down time taking a look backwards, trying to figure out why our music doesn’t automatically make itself famous (seriously, isn’t there some kind of Google inspired famous-making machine for bands yet?).  We’ve spent a lot of time talking about how hard being in a band is, how hard it is to make it happen and you know what?  It is hard.  But do you know what else?  It’s a privilege…and we are so grateful for the things that we have done.  And…

We’re excited for what’s yet to come.  So what should you expect out of your favorite foursome in 2014?  Expect us to be interested in today.  Expect us to care about the present and not the things behind us.  Expect us to be funnier.  Expect us to be around more.  Expect us to be listening to and interacting with you…after all, we have you to thank for all of this.

Have a great New Year.  We look forward to seeing you.

Rock in the New Year – Part Deux | Kessler Mansion New Year Gig Changes!

Party Bitches
Let's rock this mug, eh?
Oh loyal Botons, we’ve got some good news and some bad news. Bad news first:

As of about 5:30 pm today (Friday), we were informed that the Kessler Mansion/Hollywood NYE party would either need to be moved or cancelled due to some last-minute zoning issues that arose between the event organizers and the Kessler Mansion owner. We were as surprised as you are, no doubt. We can assure you that the issues were unforeseen and far beyond the control of your old friends, BoTo, Mardelay, DJ OhBeOne and friends. But, we were not about to let you down…or let you ring in the New Year without a little BoTo. So before we get to the good part, let’s take care of business first. Here’s the deal with the Kessler Mansion show:

– The show at the Kessler Mansion has been cancelled.
– Refunds will be processed through the Event Brite site and will be processed tonight (Friday night) and according to Event Brite, refunds may take up to 4 days to process depending on your financial institution.
– We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience.

So, that’s the bad news. The good news is that, we tried our best not to let you down. Our offices full of staff (that’s a massive exaggeration) have been working since we got the word to make sure that we could offer the BoTo loyal another good party alternative and a little BoTo. So…here’s what we’ve got!!!

We were able to track down (through some good old BoTo faithful) some of the fine folks that are hosting the Masquerade Ball downtown at Union Station. They were kind enough to find a home for us performing between 8:30 – 10:00 pm. Here are the details on this one:

– Tickets are NO LONGER AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC…but, organizers have held a limited number of tickets for anyone that wants to come to see Borrow Tomorrow.
– Tickets are available at the door, for $49.00 (cash or charge), but you have to mention that you’re coming to see BoTo to get access to the tickets set aside.
– Tickets include access to the party hosted by Dave Smiley, costume contests (with cash prizes), door prizes, face painting, a magician and in addition to Borrow Tomorrow, a number of other great bands!
– Unlike the Kessler party, the Masquerade Ball does not include drinks or food. However, the Masquerade Ball will offer reasonably priced drinks. We hear that food will not be available, so you’ll need to feast on BoTo.
– Learn more about the Masquerade Ball here.

Seriously, as much as we hate that there was a change in plans and we do apologize sincerely on behalf of all involved, we wanted to be sure that if you wanted to party, that we’d be there to help you. We’d love to see you there and want to thank you for a great 2011 and here’s hoping that we’ll be able to kick 2012 off on the right foot with you!!

P.S. Our set will be badass.

From the “Did That Really Happen?” Files

Greetings Boto fans, new and longtime alike.

There’s been a lot of clamoring for some concert footage of the band performing on stage at Conseco Fieldhouse. If not for the video to serve as proof of actuality, that evening feels like nothing more than a dream. We’ve had a chance to go through some of the footage and have this to share with you.

Here are Robert, Andrew, Shawn, and Chris performing “Sometime Back in the ’70’s,” one of 13 new songs to be released later this summer on the band’s first full-length album entitled, “Too Far to Feel.”

Other post-show links round-up:

Photos courtesy of the Indianapolis Star

Show review courtesy of Nuvo

We cannot thank everyone enough for the outpouring of love and support we’ve gotten over the past couple weeks. Thank you to our longtime supporters, and allow me to officially welcome the many newcomers who heard us for the first time last Saturday. If you liked what you heard (and I’m going to take the liberty of assuming you did since you’ve made it this far), do us the huge favor of telling a friend or 10 about us. Remember, both of our EP’s are available for download absolutely free from our website. Pick them up if you haven’t already.

Keep in touch.


A Boto Rehearsal, or A Bunch of Dorks Laugh at Themselves for a Few Hours


Hello, devoted fans!

In recent weeks, a shift in the overall agenda has begun to take place during band rehearsals. In my opinion, it’s been a welcome breath of fresh air. Most rehearsals (or ‘band practices’ to the unprofessional, and we’re obviously very professional) revolve around preparation for an upcoming gig, meaning the structure is a very regimented review of our catalog. Perhaps a new song or cover tune is sprinkled in, but often in the interest of time, or lack thereof, we take a fairly straightforward approach without a lot of wiggle room.

As we set our sights on another record release, this time our first full-length album, the focus has shifted to new music. Certainly, we always try to facilitate the creative process whenever we can, developing ideas into new songs as much as possible, but often, as described above, this can take a very unfortunate back seat. Lately, band rehearsals are as loose, productive, creative, and downright fun as they’ve ever been. It’s nice to again have that feeling that we’re in this band to make music together and enjoy ourselves. Ironic how often these very simple principles get lost along the way.

Coupled with this attention to new Boto originals is the documentation of our efforts via a brand-new Flip video camera. I should clarify that this is not our first attempt to catch on video the silly things we do. The back story is a rather gruesome one as this is not our second camera, nor even our third, but yes, our FOURTH go ’round. The first was left behind and likely stolen, though the jury is still out. The second required preparation beyond our mortal abilities, including charged (and back-up) batteries and blank (and extra blank) recordable discs. Those things are expensive, particularly when most of the nonsense we shoot isn’t worth ever watching again. Plus, there was always the fear that we’d record over Baby Will’s first steps or something. The third, you ask? It was perfect until it was run over by a truck. Don’t worry about it.

Needless to say, the life expectancy for a video camera when trusted to a member of this band isn’t long, but like the child who simply must touch to stove to prove it’s hot (4 times?), we’re giving it another go. Truth is, there’s just too much great stuff to share with our fans not to have one on hand.

Below, we’ve put together a little video of our first new camera experience, and it just so happens to feature us in our element at rehearsal this week. It’s either one of those rare occasions in which genius is captured on film, or just a bunch of dorks laughing at themselves for 4 minutes. I’m not sure. Then again, I’m one of the dorks, so you be the judge.

Here’s the direct link to YouTube to share with friends.

Thanks for checking in. Enjoy prolonging your youth by dressing up for Halloween and getting hammered this weekend, and keep rocking!


Official Video for ‘Shy Away’

Boto Video Shoot
Official Shy Away Video Shoot. Chicago, IL. 9.5.2010

Greetings everyone!

We in Borrow Tomorrow are proud to have finally done our part in the effort to kill the radio star with the release of the official ‘Shy Away’ music video. It was directed and produced by the very talented (and equally generous) Chris Baer in Chicago last month.

Check it out:

Some fun facts:

  • Robert begged and pleaded with not only the rest of the band, but the production crew as well to shoot a scene of him jumping into the lake fully-clothed. Despite his insistence (and my lord, did he insist), we ultimately refused to let him because we neither wanted to deal with a wet Robert for the rest of the day nor take the chance that he’d leave his cell phone in his pocket to be ruined.
  • The kite scenes were a surprise addition by our director, and while none of us had flown one for years, it was incredibly fun. We were told we “had enough footage” several times.
  • The lovely girl with the kite at the beach was chosen from a pool of over a million rabid Boto fans at an open casting call held the day before. Not really. Her identity remains a mystery, but that doesn’t mean she couldn’t also be a huge fan.
  • Chris has since broken the Hollywood shades he sports for much of the video. Turns out they weren’t made to withstand the force of a bouncing basketball.
  • The band played a show in Chicago the night before but was unable to procure a hotel room afterward, and therefore spent the night before this day-long video shoot in the truck. Luckily, we always look amazing.

You can download the studio version of this song, as well as the entire Retrospective album absolutely FREE at the band’s official website.

We would be nothing without our fans, so if you dig the video, please share it with a friend or 10. Tell them about how good Andrew looks in his “Use Jesus” shirt, or how much you love it when Rando color-coordinates his shades and his clothing.

See you at Doc’s this weekend!

We’re Almost There! Help Us Reach 1,000!

Chris & Robert - Indy 2009

Goals have been a big part of the Boto strategy this summer, and while fame and gratuitous fortune may always grace the top of the “To Do” list, we’ve set our sights on some more easily attainable successes.

Earlier this week we decided to make a push for 1,000 views of our video “Nashville” on YouTube, and the faithful have responded.  In just over 4 days, we’ve jumped from 828 to 972, which is great. Help us make one final push to reach our goal by the end of the week. We know we can always depend on our fans to come through for us, and this should be no exception.

So we ask that you check out the video, and once you do, share it with a friend, co-worker, cousin, dog, record label executive, on-again/off-again girlfriend, casual sex partner. In other words, leave no stone unturned! Post to your facebook wall. Tweet about it. Sing it from the mountaintops. Help us out!